Pole Announces Enduro Squad with Matti Lehikoinen as Team Manager, Plus a New Bike 7

Exciting news from an exciting brand, including a sneak peek at the Stamina – a new 180mm-travel 29er with attitude.


Pole's year of 2018 has been a blast. Pole invented and launched a new production method, set up a factory in Finland, launched two entirely new bikes and now presents a professional Enduro race team of two up-and-coming riders lead by a lot of experience and talent. Since the company was founded, Pole has been introducing new stuff every year. Now Pole's long and slack geometry is little by little being adapted to big brands and most of the companies are following our 29" example as well. The biggest of it all has been the shift away from traditional carbon fiber route and inventing a groundbreaking new production method and building the whole bikes in Finland. Leo Kokkonen says: "It's again, time to put our money yet again where our mouth is. Our goal is to climb to the podiums on Enduro World Series and prove our concept in the top level against the other top riders and teams."

The Team

Leigh Johnson

Leigh finished in position 25 after a full season of 2018 Enduro World series. Pole started supporting Leigh professionally on the season 2018. Pole sponsored Leigh with full support without a team. This year we go full support for him. Leigh is a solid rider who makes not too many mistakes. On season 2018 Leigh kept improving his secret sauce of performance and for 2019 we have a good receipt for new top results. Leigh is refrigerator size shy guy with a big warm heart and a humble attitude towards the sport and other riders. Nevertheless, he's speeding up to the podium with no mercy to the other racers.

  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Bike: Large Pole Stamina
  • Age: 22 (born 1996)
  • Nation: Wales (United Kingdom)
  • Favourite food: Pizza

Joseph "Joe" Nation

Joe is a biker to the core. He’s been roaming the world of bikes since he was a teenager and raced everything there is to be raced on bikes. Joe calls his early downhill years in Europe as his “Mowgli days.” Joe is a very stylish rider but exits every turn with more speed than he entered the corner. Joe is a cornerstone of a good team spirit who is willing to help anyone to get better at what they do. Joe knows a lot about dirt, as he is a geologist but loves more riding than analyzing the soil.

  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 81kg
  • Bike: Medium Pole Stamina
  • Age: 29 (born 1989)
  • Nation: New Zealand
  • Favorite food: Madeirian steak sandwich

Matti Lehikoinen

Matti is a legendary world cup winning downhill racer who is keen on sharing his experience and wisdom as team manager. From logistics to race strategy and technique, Matti's knowledge and raw speed will be a major key to racing for the top step this coming season.


The Pole Enduro Race team will be racing the 180mm-travel Stamina. The whole team is very excited about the new 29er, and they believe that they can go faster than ever with Stamina. The feedback was positive, and we heard a lot of words like: “huge grip,” “playful,” “consistent,” “fast”… We believe the Stamina is the perfect enduro race weapon and we can't wait to see it flying down an EWS stage very soon. For more info and to pre-order your own Stamina, clink here.


Video - The Loam Ranger | Photos - Beth Kelly | Words - Leo Kokkonen

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