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Hi. Im new here. Hope you like my vids.

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He does not slow down... ever. He doesn't take shit from anyone (apart from Claire). He doesn't like white t-shirts. He doesn't like huckers. He is immortal (I think).... He is Chris Kovarik.

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Claire Buchar is a long term DH shredder who is loved by all and she is one of the most dedicated people I know. Here is a brief look into how she ticks and also some sweet riding at Thredbo, Australia. Hope you enjoy. :)

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NS DYNAMICS are downhill suspension tuning legends. So Legendary they deserve a clip.... a good, cheesy rokkin clip..... So, I hope y'all dont mind I stepped up the anti a tad with this one. WARNING- If u dont like slomo, effects, music, downhill, groms, Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, Nigel Reeve, Intense bikes or Kona or anything fun best you not watch this.... Thanks to Jake Lucas for some extra shots.... legend! Grooves are by GRIS. Thanks mate! Cheers.

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