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I've mentioned it before, but now I just have to YELL! Hey UCI, technical trail riding should be it's own MTB category! With the likes of Jeff Lenosky, Jeff Kendal Weed, Danny Mac and Chris Akrig clearly becoming so popular this needs to happen. Back in '88 or so, when I got my first real MTB, I didn't really know where or what to ride. So I went to the closest trails that I knew, which were the equestrian trails in the Arroyo Seco South of the Rose Bowl in South Pasadena. Those were boring and sandy and really sucked. But the Arroyo was originally designed with walking paths with stairs down from the road above. So before I knew what trials was, I started riding up and down those steep steppy trails along the way. It just seemed obvious.

Every race venue around the world should have some steep trails up and steep trails down. It could be one timed section, up and down, with penalties for dabs. Or up and down timed separately like in enduro. I bet it would be much more popular than those short course XC races that I can't even remember the name of now because I NEVER watch them.

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Excellent Gwinterview

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