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Ooops! Ah too soon to tell, I wanna know when Vali is moving to Elites and then the Men’s Elite class is a crap shoot year to year..

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Tracey Hannah will get the nod for the World Cup overall with 300+ points in the bank even if Rachel & Tahnee came back at the next race Tracey could do the smart racing routine and get overall with second and third place finish’s. Now on the men’s ... more »

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Gr8 time to release a new bike

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No AXS for me til SRAM makes a controller that does shifting & seatpost from 1 remote, Shimano controls 2 shifters with there Di2 system I don’t know enuff about SRAM’s Ultimate Group Set for Road biking but I bet it’ll handle 2 shifters as well we need to demand less clutter on our handlebars.

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I’d want the AXS Shifting & seat post but the XTR Brakes are awesome, won’t buy the AXS til the seatpost & shifting can be done from 1 control unit.

Both bikes are really great!

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I want see him interview Tracy Hannah

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These are gr8 park bike set-ups I don't see it happening in Enduro racing as a norm there's too much money at play with fox and RockShox

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@ 59 I’m in inches!

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It is 100% here to stay!

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Wow that poll is gaaayyyyyy

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Because enginecycle just never rolled off the tongue right

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The real difference, is the fact that "motors" run on electricity, while "engines" run on combustion. ... On the rare occasions we encounter one, we refer to a steam locomotive as an engine, the same word that we give to the motive power of an aircraft. ... more »

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The UCI needs to step away from all forms of non-human propelled or assisted bikes period. It’s a very slippery slope