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Added a comment about product review Race Face Turbine SL Wheel Set Long-Term Review 8/29/2020 7:19 PM

I have the carbon version. Got them when they first came out (2018?). It's been through 2 personal bike builds now, I am probably approaching 1K miles on them. It has seen many miles of poor lines choices of dusty SoCal trails (even covered in snow once) and places like Sedona and Moab (including a punishing run through TWE). They still hold true and never had a issue with the hubs. No doubt, I would buy these again.

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Added a comment about member blog Making a Shredit! Remy Metailler and Chris Ricci 8/5/2020 1:08 PM

Based on the volume of views, your work is definitely appreciated. The follow-me drone video was next level.

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Added a comment about feature E-Bikes and Why We're Testing Them - The Inside Line Podcast 8/2/2020 5:19 PM

I have mixed feelings about e-bikes. I have come to accept the reality that they are here to stay, whether I like it or not. With that said, what's wrong with old fashioned hard work and earning it? So you may not be fit enough to get up a hill or peak....and that's ok. Maybe you have some injuries that is preventing you from doing it....and that is ok. Maybe age is preventing you from getting fit enough to do it....and thats ok. But does every hill and peak needs to be accessible by all....especially if all it takes $$$?

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Added a comment about feature Roxy Lo, Industrial Design at Ibis Cycles - The Inside Line Podcast 6/26/2020 8:12 AM

Excellent podcast and it was cool to take a peek into the mind of a bike designer. She is a very impressive person.

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Added a comment about feature A Real-Time Wheel Build and Interview - Patrik Zuest of FSA - The Inside Line 5/28/2020 7:52 AM

I really enjoyed that. Racer's maybe the face of racing, but mechanics and team managers are ones who really make it possible. Be it car, moto, bicycles, etc....

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Added a comment about feature Are Mountain Bikes Too Expensive? The Inside Line Listener Response 4/18/2020 8:19 AM

Little late to this party, but here is my 2 pennies worth on the topic. The first responder on the podcast eluded to it a bit. There a place for super-buck bikes. Maybe it's not for the masses. Take for example Lexus vs. Toyota. Toyota's are for the masses, Lexus is the "halo" brand and intended for the top-tier group who expect the best. Technology from the "halo" group is used in racing, marketing and the tech eventually filters into the Toyota's mass market line as well. With that said, what the industry could do a better job at is promoting mid/lower spec bikes more. More of often than not, the halo stuff gets much more coverage/reviews than the mid/lower spec stuff. Also, would like to see more commentary and inputs from industry experts to remind people that the delta between a top-spec bike and mid-level bike is not really all that different for most mortal riders and definitely doesn't provide any more enjoyment out on the trails. At the end of the day, progression and evolution is a part of human nature. That's why these super-bikes exist. The industry just could do a better job at promoting that there is not a need for these bikes to enjoy the sport and community.

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