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Yup, usually either in the parking lot talking about riding or on the side of the trail fixing punctures.....

Reply to Will team changes impact results at the first world cup? 3/30/2016 8:41 AM

Hill and the rest of CRC/Paypal, as well as Josh Bryceland, now on MRP. Look for 5-10% improvements in radness.

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MRP be chain reactin' up in here

Reply to Belgian Rider Found with Hidden Motor at CX Worlds 2/1/2016 3:22 PM

I used to think motor doping wasn't real and was meant to be a distraction from the fact that traditional doping is still quite rampant. But now? I'm not sure what to think.

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I feel a bit bad saying this, but the MRP G4 Carbon or SXg Carbon retail for $224.95. We're not actively TRYING to make the most expensive guide, but we certainly want to offer extremely premium products for those who want them. We have guides that provide ... more »

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Never expected

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Dean Lucas stays with Devinci? Did I miss that announcement?

Kinda forgot Laurie Greenland. I gotta think he'll end up on whatever program Martin is cooking up.
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Martin must have something in the works, and what big time riders are left? As someone mentioned earlier, there is a password-protected area on the 23-degrees athlete page with a Black Betty icon. I believe they've referred to the TWR big-rig as Black

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Exactly. That's what I'm saying. It's not an issue for "moto" KTM, but it would be an issue for another frame supplier/sponsor. Especially if that supplier is not a big, long-standing brand. I would assume Gwin isn't just asking for product, so the frame ... more »

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YOU do realize I said as much in my post? How unrelated do you think John Q. Public thinks they are when they have the same exact name, logo, and colors? That's the issue.

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This + this= this? No insider info, just speculation. If KTM is a big-time (title?) sponsor of his program, I can't see how he could use another brand's frames - specifically, why on earth a bike brand would want to share branding with

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If you look really closly at the van in the background you can see a brand logo.

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The Skyline shorts are the greatest all-around bike short ever made, and I have seven pairs. But, could you make the butt pocket just a little bigger? It seems to be the safest place to hold a phone....

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How do you keep you bike clean when it's wet out? Not worth it IMO.

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Hello David, What are your thoughts about stuntin' on jumps mid race run?

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Hi, I'm Noah. Brand Manager of MRP. I ride bikes most days. I rode mountain bikes a lot as a kid in Colorado, but moved to Texas for my teen years. It was there that I pioneered the Birkenstock and socks look now popular with old Germans.

I got back ... more »
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It's funny that this race is being made an example of considering we're talking about people showing up less than a week before to ride - unless my calendar is real dodgy, the race starts this Friday. So, that means folks (like me) who were up there

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First off, thanks for noticing my Instagram account. Yes, I was in Crested Butte this weekend riding, seemed like a good idea with the race less than a week away and the temperatures here at home approaching triple digits. A couple points: To me, cheating ... more »