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We could go full retro and release 2022 in 2023 if you like

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No clicking, just the wooshing sound as others have mentioned. Get in contact with EXT (or whoever distributes them in NZ). I figure as a small, boutique brand, they would be keen to solve the problem for you.

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Scotland is the most cautious in their approach to the pandemic in terms of the four nations, its not surprising they are still cautious about this! You also have to understand that the hospitals in the highlands are small and serve a huge area. You ... more »

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Nic Cotton

Love the idea and video, but PLEASE wear eye protection when cutting metal! I work with eyes and the amount of young guys who end up blind or partially sighted because they didn't wear eye protection when cutting or hammering metal is higher than you'd think.

Looking forward to the next installment!

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For those of us who value our time in the air as much as our time on the ground a smaller and lighter front wheel and fork is absolutely preferable. And is easily the most difficult adjustment to make switching to 29ers. I’m a proponent for mullets and my next bike will prob be one but if I...more

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Dear VitalMTB'ers!

Since certain references to our country popped up in this comment section, I would like to apologize on behalf on our local MTB community about the moronic comments of a certain user here. We know him, we laugh about him, but we are not like him. Yes, we were a third world...more

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So your argument is that Adults use 29ers because they're faster and that you're not dumb and everyone else needs to grow up?!
Thats some black belt level cognitive dissonance there

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Thanks Folk of Vita, Much appreciated, Troll you again soon smile

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It is irresponsible for Vital to promote these bikes to its readership. I bought a hardtail in my late 30s. Now I ride only at the dirt jumps, surrounded by 15-year-olds, wearing jeans that look like they could be my wife’s. It is no way to live.

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Well said. A few years ago I got 5th at US Nationals and qualified for my first World Cup. I now work my ass off as a traveling nurse- often on call and overtime and get usually get up at 5 am, train, and then go work a 10 hr shift. Not at a desk. In surgery. Lifting more heavy...more

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This shock is insane! You name it, I've run it. Fox, RS, X-Fusion, Cane Creek, Ohlins, DVO, Marz, even back to the Stratos days. This is truly the pinnacle of coil performance.
Makes the blown out, over used, brake bump filled COVID trails feel like a sidewalk.
$1000 isn't even...more

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Nic Cotton

The EXT storia V3 has easily made the most notable positive improvement to the bike I currently ride, and I would go as far to say of any upgrade I can remember making. The bike (Rallon R5) has it issues with rear suspension/blowing through its travel. The storia manages to be both plusher than the DHX2 it replaced whilst also giving much more mid and end stroke support. The control it has over varying terrain is brilliant. Its lighter too, if thats your thing. Admittedly it may not make such an obvious improvement on other bikes, and I can't comment on how it would compare to a custom tuned DHX2, but I would be loathed to go back now. In the UK at least, they are distributed via Chris at MOJO. I was sent a V2 to trial some different tunes and spring rates before the V3 was ordered. Probably the closest to feeling like pro-level treatment that I'll ever get laughing

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Haha... I also don't care if I upset anyone with honesty, and the thing is, you are also acting with a type of entitled mentality, complaining about a company trying to innovate and clearly fill a space that people where looking for. Invisiframe from the UK were the first ones doing it and no one...more

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Spomer, can you get together with the photogs (Sven you lookin'?) to do an extensive article on all tips and tricks the pros use to quiet bikes down? I know all of us have ideas, but I think we could all benefit from a big How To with pics from around thr circuit. Different stuff has to work on...more

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Go start your company and make a bunch of money if it’s so easy. Sounds like you will take the market by storm. Overhead will be low since you can work out of your garage and with costs at only $1 and a price of $20-30 and 5 mins to make you should be clearing...more

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I've not had the best experience with Michelins. I found the side walls pretty crap and I got a fair few tears. The wall/bead interface is also quite weak and prone to tearing and leaks if running tubeless. Of the 6 michelin tyres (3 different riders) ... more »

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How is dropping the term going to hurt you? Its use hurts others, and it's not up to you to declare that it doesn't. Clearly, you just wish your viewpoint to be privileged over those of marginalized people. And yes, they are marginalized; the continued skepticism towards the wishes...more

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I wanted to like the Wild Enduro, I really liked the compound and the tread pattern was working great for the spring conditions. I however tore the sidewall on the rear on a seemingly phantom rock on the 5th ride with them. The front tire hooks up great, but my local trails are...more