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You seem nice.

Here’s a free tip: don’t like e-MTB? Don’t get one and scroll past any stories involving one. You may be less angry.

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Getting to witness the media dudes in action at the northstar ews gave me perspective on how truly hard they work to bring the world this content. Massive thanks to all involved!

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Spill the beans on that one

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So your one of those guys that still runs his number plate a week after the race too?

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There are components and designs that give a real performance advantage. Carbon fiber is not one of them. Weight is clearly not a major concern for downhill racers in 2019, otherwise they wouldn't willfully be putting 300 gram pool noodles in their tires and riding aluminum parts.

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I can assure you they were NOT paid for this, in fact Cam paid to have it filmed properly out of his own pocket. Trek would slap a fat logo on this if they were paid you dumbass. Maybe their dad didn't ride bikes with them when they were younger because they mostly rode...more

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I just think that standardizing the lines would then result in a trick contest. Of course all these guys would be able to handle and ride the lines, so it would then most likely come down to who does the best tricks on the given courses, and I don't think anyone wants Rampage to turn into that. I...more

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FUCK! Was all smiles and giggles enjoying some prime shredding until the ending... Hope Charlie is ok and got himself checked, time off the bike is mandatory after a knocker like that. Watch it in slow mo.

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Yes great job as always with the coverage of the UCI DH and EWS. It is almost funny how other sites are really trying to immitate (i.e. rip off) your content, but impressive that you manage to stay so far ahead of the curve thanks to the great work of the...more

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Something to note - you really want to use the least amount of derailleur clutch you can get away with. The more the clutch fights the worse the suspension works, depending on design of course...

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i personally love the whistle noises.

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Thanks for the explanation bud, that was cute. It's a heavy frame with a heavy drivetrain. I highly doubt this bike comes in at 29lbs, that's all.

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Worse when it's happening to a friend. Or anyone for that matter. The camera was put down between the crash sequence and portraits BTW. I scrambled to help until medic arrived (in seconds)
What made it better to stomach, one of the many great race doctors...more

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wow, good testiment to santa cruz durability. That took a lot of work.

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I had a first gen carbon v10 and the 10" mode was sick for super rough tracks. Just sit on the bike do nothing and smash through everything with ease, the traction it had was amazing.

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Kirt, would be stoked to have you back on a santa cruz, so reach directly anytime. joe@ goes to my inbox.
shouldn't have to come to this!