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RACE REPORT - NW Cup Round 5, Stevens Pass Bike Park, WA 3

A record turnout with 351 #USDH racers pinning it in Washington!

RACE REPORT - NW Cup Round 5, Stevens Pass Bike Park, WA

When one thinks of the Northwest Cup, they think of the ultimate downhill racing series and the family that comes with it. From the youngest race at 4 years old in Cat 3 men 0-10, to the oldest racer at age 64 in the newest category, Cat 3 men 60+, the NW Cup has a place for everyone. With over 300 riders this past race, Stevens Pass was taken over by the NW Cup family. Fortunately, the weather remained in favor of the racers with warm temperatures and sunshine all weekend. Riders couldn't help but talk about the perfect dirt. With just the right amount of rain and sun, the dirt was tacky and as some would say, on the verge of hero dirt. 

With the new ownership at Stevens Pass, one would expect a great number of changes to the park. While they are making major changes to the lifts, (which are only run in the winter) the bike park remains the same. Rough and beat up, but still outrageously fun. Despite mentions of minimal maintenance, it is difficult to believe that the riders felt the trails were perfect. The weather put in the trail work with constant rain during the week leading up to the race. It is no surprise that amazing trails means amazing riding which in return, means very happy competitors. The only complaint heard around the bike park was not being able to ride enough!


Going two for two in the weekend, Ella Erickson took the win by nearly 4 seconds. Her time was a 00:02:42.02. (Cat 1 Women 0-18.)

With 35 riders in the Cat 2 15-18 category, finding yourself in the top three can be incredibly difficult. Connor Hunnel is in his first year in Cat 2 and is finding himself in the top half of the very large category. His time was 00:03:31.03. (Cat 2 15-18.)

Finding his way this season after moving up to Cat 1, James Gardner found himself in the top ten with a 00:02:45.42. (Cat 1 Men 30-39)

Being the faster rider down the mountain in seeding and race, Weston Potter absolutely dominated this weekend. With a 00:02:15.73, Potter secured his sixth win at Stevens Pass and first win of the season. (Pro Men)

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Finding time from in her seeding run, Camila Nogueira put down a 00:02:38.77 and found herself in the two spot. Her time was two seconds faster than the next rider. (Pro Women)

Putting down a 00:02:22.61, Ethan Lieb found himself on the top of the podium for the second time this season. His time would have put him in fifth in Pro Men. (Cat 1 Men 0-18.)

With his first podium of the season, Christian Bourdrez put down a 00:02:36.42 and found himself in third. (Cat 1 Men 40+)

Just missing the podium, Owen Dixie put down a 00:04:55.39. (Cat 3 Men 11-14)

Party laps or training with friends?

Getting her fourth win of the season, Claire Buchar has dominated the Pro Women category all season long. With a time of 00:02:34.88, Buchar was four seconds faster than the next rider. (Pro Women)

Lantz Harrington is on a roll in his first full season of downhill. With multiple podiums in Cat 2, Harrington was able to move up to Junior Ex and put down a competitive time of 00:02:29.38. There were four riders in this category with a 2:29.

In one of the biggest categories in the race with 21 riders, Carl Kirk-Hahler found himself in the top 10 with a time of 00:03:34.21. (Cat 2 0-14)

Although he put down solid practice laps all weekend, Riley Lathrop, unfortunately, crashed in his race run and finished with a 00:03:53.47. This was Lathrop's fourth race ever. (Cat 2 15-18.)

After two podiums in a row, Kerry Pray just missed a spot this round with a time of 00:03:31.05. (Cat 2 Men 40-49)

Finding himself in the middle of the pack, Cash Coleman was one of two riders that put down a 00:05:10. (Cat 3 Men 11-14)

The worst way to end a race weekend, flat during the race run.

Rocking her race face, Ashley Pascoe scored a spot on the podium for the third time this season. Her time was a 00:04:03.07, putting her in second place.

After a gnarly crash on the rocks before the shoot and suffering a rib injury, Jason Eiswald was unable to race this weekend. (Pro Men)

Michael Buckley took a gnarly digger on the infamous blown out berm on Berserker during practice on Friday. His race time was 00:02:39.07. (Cat 1 Men 0-18.)

Pushing your bike up the hill is always tough after riding all day.

In his first race ever, Quinten Issa put down a 00:03:53.31. His time was within less than a second between the riders before and after him. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Sponsored by our very own Scott Tucker, Steven Johnson secured his spot on the top of the podium with a 00:05:03.89. His time was three seconds faster than the rider behind him. (Cat 3 Men 60+)

Sierra Semsak scored her third, third place in a row with a 00:03:50.23. Her time was 10 seconds faster than the next rider. (Cat 2 Women 0-18.)

Unfortunately unable to put down the perfect run, Leah Smyth put down a 00:05:16.23. (Cat 2 Women 19-39)

Slingshot Wookie is known for being incredibly rough and taking out riders left and right.

Out of Portland, Oregon, Justin Ash did not race although he practiced all weekend. This was Ash's third race ever. (Cat 2 Men 19-29)

Finding himself in the top 10, Olympic Dirt Society rider, Brian Still finished with a 00:03:40.27, less than a second behind the rider in front of him. (Cat 2 Men 40-49)

The best team support is always the fuzzers.

After landing on the podium at the first four races, Jobe Androckitis was unable to start and resulted in a DNS. (Cat 3 Men 15-18.)

Nathan Hernandez took on his first ever race this weekend. His time was a 00:05:23.15. (Cat 3 Men 19-39)


Continuing her podium streak, Josephine Aubin finished with a 00:05:06.26. The Sweetlines Racing team took home 9 podiums this weekend. (Cat 2 Women 11-18.)

After a live timing issue during seeding, the Junior Ex Men had to wait patiently for there times to be shared.

Being that the NW Cup is all about the family scene, it is no surprise that in four races, the 0-10 category has nearly tripled in size. From 7 to 20, Justin Greenhalgh's competition continues to grow. Greenhalgh's time was a 00:06:07.61. (Cat 3 Men 0-10)

Schrup Maxwell took a lap down Rock Crusher to warm up before his practice. His race time was a 00:03:44.03. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Quick Facts: 

  • Round 5 of the Northwest Cup
  • Stevens Pass Bike Park, Leavenworth, WA
  • July 12-14, 2019
  • 349 riders
  • Cat 3 rode Rock Crusher to Piranha Bird to the finish
  • Cat 2 rode Slingshot Wookie to PBR to the finish
  • Cat 1/Pro rode Berserker to the finish

The lucky winner of the new Pro Frame Fox Helmet provided by Fox Head. Unfortunately, the rider that won the helmet, won because his helmet was cracked due to a crash. While he was on his way to the doctor, his dad stayed in hopes of winning.

Junior Ex Women Podium (Left to Right): Taylor Ostgaard, Ella Erickson, Sydney Haberman.
Junior Ex Men Podium (Left to Right): Matt Mangano, Riley Plummer, Ethan Lieb, Blake Rausch, Brandon Daly.
Pro Women Podium (Left to Right): Elle Runyan, Claire Buchar, Camila Nogueria, Jamie Rees. (Not Pictured: Autumn Parham)
Pro Men Podium (Left to Right): Frank Culhno, Rhys Ewing, Weston Potter, Chris Kovarik, Matt Orlando.

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