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2017 Intense Primer custom build

don't worry?

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Nice ride! But for the sake of ocd, could that front brake hose be routed inside of the forkleg.

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Endlessbicycle's Santa Cruz

"Adix" "casing"???

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2019 Norco Aurum HSP 1

bike of the year, so beautiful!

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Added a comment about photo Stylin in Soelden 12/24/2018 8:56 AM
Stylin in Soelden

last shot is perfect

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Bike of the Day December 20, 2018!

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Endurized Nuke Scalp

Since the bike doesn't weigh 50 kilos and the rider that use a seat high like that should not have 50 kilos what is 50 kilos? I think Vital should change that putting the weight of the bike only or the weight of the rider apart. So confusing, since everybody like to know the real weight of the bike.

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Rear suspension must be sensitive af with a coil on the rear of that design!

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finally a Proper BOD again

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Yeti SB150 X01, Enve, King, Coil!

The best BOD for me are bikes on beautiful places, bikes with some mud, some scratches and personalized colors and stickers. Take any brand new top end bike from the shop and for shure will be BOD. I love when the owner of the BOD explain the details off the bike... For me the SB150 is the most beautiful Enduro bike, I just don't like the text, I don't want to know if it's paid or not but this BOD looks advertising since the bike has no owner. Anyway it's beautiful.

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Liked a comment on the item TRW Active Enters the Mountain Bike Drivetrain Market 11/6/2018 3:04 AM

Hm... Does anybody else find it funny that the marketing video includes a guy riding uphill with elbow pads and no knee pads, no shifting and by the looks of it a chinese (sold as Ztto on Amazon) cassette? It might be the official cassette, but not judging by the press shots.

I'm all...more

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We've reached critical mass in mountain biking. Can we just stop here and go ride inexpensive, brilliantly designed and functional bikes in neutral colored clothing with a pair of $10 goggles?
No. More expensive is coming? More bells & whistles you...more