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This kind of looks like a digital caliper hack to measure linear motion. Thought about doing this for but was worried about the amount of space it takes up as well as mud issues. We went with a rotary encoder for similar in a smaller package easier to mount. Wonder how well this setup is working out. A digital caliper with off the shelf microcontrollers or what we did with linear encoder is by no means perfect nor a replacement for the multi $1k setups but they are cheap systems that are way better than the usual ziptie measurement. Next step is wireless sensors to get rid of all those wires.

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Richie Rude staying with Yeti

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Rumblings of change over at YT? What is Neko up to? Could Brook + Gwin + Neko all go back to Trek? Neko appears to be getting his hands in the mix for US DH ProGRT + US Open. Maybe Neko is the steering linchpin for YT to step in and bring US DH national ... more »

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Sigh this dooms USAC even further in my opinion. I thought the only hope USA gravity racing had was maybe to break way at the mercy of UCI but that seems even more unlikely.,2/Time-to-Say-Goodbye-to-USAC,9339?page=2 ... more »

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Marcelo had the Giant logo blacked out. I noticed as well and was not sure if that was a violation of some arcane UCI rule on official country jerseys, a skinsuit tucking tactic or new sponsor possibilities

Added a comment about news blog RESULTS: Aaron Gwin and Tracey Hannah Qualify Fastest in Val di Sole 8/25/2017 2:19 PM

DOOH yeah I forgot about MSA. Can not wait to watch.

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Someone with the data do a quick stat on who the better wet rider is Minnaar vs Gwin as far as results. My gut feeling says I seem to recall Gwin being slightly better although both tend to be conservative in the wet compared to some of the wild riders. If it is raining I think both of them are out of contention for first and someone perhaps less consistent but more rowdy in the wet like Hart, Bruni, Bronson or Wallace sweeps in for the win.

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Started new thread No ProGRT next year? USAC putting more nails in gravity coffin? 8/3/2017 5:05 AM

I have heard some rumors that at least three of this years ProGRT venues do not intend to bid for a ProGRT next year following similar fate of other venues. Mainly saying that there is a lack of return on investment. How could you blame them. Go look ... more »

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The site is still live

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With a tight budget, other teams potentially dangling bigger payments and that riders desire is to be racing downhill over enduro ( I think there are some recent interviews of him stating that preference? ) I can see the only way Yeti has to keep him ... more »

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That is the offroad version of the Ariel Atom. If you have not seen the Top Gear review of the road version it is worth a watch. Quite hilarious and awesome.

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AllRide I have a frame with your name on it, quite literally

Had the privilege of spending a week with Kirt at Sumer Gravity Adult Camp both on the bike and in the evenings. It was an amazing week and Kirt is definitely chasing and living the dream. We got the chance to talk in detail about his AllRide dreams and accomplishments to date and I have to say I was blown away. I hope someone steps up and enables him to continue. We need more people helping at grassroots level and to be icons for the sport. Few people do it as well as Kirt. So while I sit behind my desk grinding away to make enough to retire early and have enough to help bankroll dreams like Kirt is after the best I have to offer is the the dirty old Giant that keeps on ticking. I wouldn't give her away for anyone but if you need her Kirt let me know. Something tells me you are on the hunt for something in the current decade class though.

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Updated photo album SGC 11/15/2016 8:45 AM
  • C48_img_20161115_070156
  • C48_img_20161115_070303
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Added a comment about feature WIN A ROCKSHOX BOXXER & STEVIE SMITH JERSEY - Vital OTB, World Champs 2016 9/10/2016 5:14 PM

Aaron Gwin 3:21.970
Rachel Atherton 4:01.747

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Added a comment about feature Bike vs Bike - World Champs Edition - Custom Intense M16's - Jack Moir vs Nik Nestoroff 9/7/2016 4:12 PM

Looks great. Nitpick the pedals are reversed.

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I am guessing that the sad news about Syndicate getting dissolved is true. =( Between the following: * Peaty retiring * Ratboy likely following * Greg being content where he is at and mentioning end of last season leaving on a high note as well as possible health issues? ... more »

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I thought I would add my $0.02 as I take a much needed break from the stress and rage of trying to help keep things running smooth for the Killington ProGRT. (Thanks USAC and UCI officials for all the ala carte requests in the name of “rules” ) My background ... more »

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Can anyone confirm if that is some sort of frame protection sticker or if that is a crack in the frame just above the bottom bracket?

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