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Odd, my Fox fork with the Fluffenkaffin ramps up and has a firmer midstroke with 10-15% less air pressure than the stock Evo spring. And bottom is near impossible. I'll have to check out one of the Volsprung videos for more insight.
Edit: on the fork spring the Fliffinfrakkin takes up more positive spring space so the shock to fork analogy is not a good match.

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Don't read to much into it, pulling these videos together can be a challenge and you work with what you get. P

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I'm running i37mm rims with 2.6 tires and the sidewall support at super low pressures is the real deal, and cornering grip is off the charts.

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As bikes have become more capable (and my skills improve... I hope) I'm finding I need less and less "mechanical" advantages and am preferring a more "spicy" bike to keep the trail alive. 800mm bars have done a great job of stabilizing a front end at ... more »

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I've been off lock-ons for years. Lock-ons have a dirty secret, the hard plastic core that runs under the entirety of the grip. IME this makes for a very firm grip as there is not much room left for padding. Some riders like firm grips, and that is great, ... more »

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Can I add in that these tires roll fast fast fast! Much faster that the other Maxxis clones and the Michelins I'm riding now. I rode them for a week in Moab and was very impressed how they handled out there, (I will admit that I was fortunate to not experience the flatting issue). Grip on slick...more

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Great write up! I'll throw in some unsolicited advice, having been in the rodeo a couple of times.
- geometry is everything, the bikes above are probably great for kids, and department store bikes will have poor geometry - Specialized nailed it years ago, it's amazing how much better kids ride on good "kid" geometry.
- kid suspension forks are unmoving, blocks of wood that weigh more than your fork, kids are better off with...
- fat tires, or large tires you can run soft with a rigid fork (bonus with extra grip)

Skip 24" and go straight to XS 26" - there are amazing used full suspension bike at stupid low prices - with real tires and real suspension that moves. If the bike is too big, the kid rides "in" the bike in a safe position - like a shorter person in a XS 29" bike. 30mm stem, shorter cranks. Outside of advanced kids, kids steer with their hands so a steeper head angle works better for them.

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Removed, inaccurate.

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I don't understand the narrower rear logic. What I see is more psi to support the tire sidewall from folding over.
Perhaps it makes sense if you run a 2.5 front and 2.35 rear, but again, to what advantage is a smaller rear tire? or perhaps if you run a tougher dual ply tire in the rear? But then you sacrificing compliance for support (and reliability, which is important for some)
Help me out.

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I raced this bike at the Big Mountain Enduro in Crested Butte. Had a top 5 stage finish on it. To be perfectly honest, the Scott Genius is not my first choice for an enduro race bike. I was struggling with the geometry, and it rides like a 120mm XC bike, not a 150mm enduro...more

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A Fox engineer was testing this in Downieville last year on a Trail/Enduro bike, they have been testing it on some rough and fast terrain with plenty of pedaling. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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Great write up!
I have to wonder if timed training is a mental game for both the rider and the competition. Get in the head.

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Keep in mind that Eurobike is a business to business event and they are communicating direct with people from bike brands, distributors and shops... and that is a photo of just a part of their booth. So yes, messy, but it might be what their business customers want to see (think dual compound for OEM and triple compound for aftermarket)

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Honestly, this brake sounds freaking sweet. Hayes have brought some innovation here and if it delivers how they promise then it could be a serious contender.

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The 5010 will be next level with the 2.6 tires. I a have 130mm Mojo with 2.5 tires and 34mm rims that allows an 18 psi Minion in the front and 22 psi Minion in the back. The grip in turns is off the charts, and the tires take up the chop before the shock and fork engagement threshold for a supple feel but the firmer travel keeps it responsive. The tires suck up 30mm of bump which makes the bike feel like it has much more travel than it does. It's an amazing combo. Coming off enduro bikes I miss nothing. I'm loving how capable shorter travel bikes are now.

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