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Added a comment about feature Nico Vouilloz and Fabien Barel Discuss 29ers in DH 5/3/2017 1:45 PM

I think part of the reason for all the frustration about wheel size and standards evolution is due to the past 20+ years of stagnation, followed by rapid progression. The bike I started riding on in 198? Was not different from my last hard tail which was in 2000. Then in 2000ish I got a Turner XCE which was quickly warrantied for a Horst Link 5 Spot. Then I kept that bike until the Santa Cruz TBLT came out. I had wanted to get something newer and fresher, but there was not a better trail bike released between the early 2000s until something like 2012. I went through forks and 9 speed drive trains and wheels but kept the bike because nothing was newer or better for 12 years. The lack of new standards during that time was not because the standards we had were the best, or even good. It was due to a lack of progression.

Since 2012 I've been having a blast riding new bikes and new technology. The bikes finally do what we always wanted them to do. Are new standards a PITA? Yes. Are new wheels sizes difficult to factor into DH racing- sure. But I'm ok with it all because I get to ride an Evil Wreckoning rather than a Horst link 5 spot with a 69 degree HA and a 15" reach.

I'll take all the new standards they throw at me rather than ride the same bike for 10+ years when that bike does not do what I want it to do. We need progression. This sport is so fun, such a great way to spend a life. But the bikes need to be better. The Wrecker is rad. But The STA is too slack, the reach is too short and the seat tube is too long to let me size up and still run a 150 dropper. The HA is still too steep. I don't know if the chain stays are too long or too short or just right; but I'm willing to try other sizes out. I rode bullshirt bikes for 25+ years. I'm getting old. I want to ride a bike that does in reality what they do in my mind before I'm out of the game!!!

So 29 wheels in DH. Hell yes. 33", 36, 48, 54 sure. At some point they will suck. We don't even know what that size is yet. Let's get this show rolling!

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