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Don’t forget about that Ti King Cage. Just a touch of Durango

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I understand the hesitation with proprietary components, but I'm curious why you think knock block is such an abomination? Having owned and run more than one bike with the block I have had no issues despite numerous rolls in the dirt. Friends have also found it not only something you get used to, but helpful. Leaning your bike up, using truck pads, more skilled riders than I have told me that it makes whips easier. Just curious what exactly you dislike about besides the relatively simple need to run a special spacer in order to use a different stem.

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Upon deep reflection, in the depths of dashed hope of spring, on the moon of a frozen night, it seems I, the humble author, went too far drawing parallels to the fork and Jacque Cousteau. Truth be told, nearly all the forks in the test came with too few volume reducers/spacers in the fork, I can think of one that was ample. I called the Performance Series 36 its own beast because in the age old garage compression test the progression seemed ample. On the trail, however, the need for more reducers/spacers was evident. With the progression of the rear shock, near bottom out the fork felt unbalanced. Thank you and good morning.

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It is impossible to look at the bike from a single measurement. So often the industry and consumers get fixated on one measurement as the "go-to" for the ultimate ride. It is partially our fault for calling on these numbers as reviewers in some cases, but I would urge...more

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I'm an atheist in the school of chainstay length. The chainstay is part of a system, different parts of the bike come together to make the whole. I have no doubt that there are great stubby stay bikes as well as lengthy bastard stay bikes. You caught me here. I was trying to point out that because of the geometry/purpose/damping of this bike its rear wheels may look like they've been run over by a Mack truck in no time. It is worth reading Dylan's response in the comments section on the Firebird, spot on.

Riding this bike epitomizes the loose but firm rider style. In order to ride it semi smoothly you need to move all over the bike and remain loose to soak up the trail coming through the bike. At the same time it takes a firm hand to bend this I-beam of a bike round corners and to press your weight into or pull out of compressions. That is what I meant by aggressive versus the more playful Firebird where you can be more lackadaisical and still make the corner.

Thanks for the comments, they made me think and I enjoy doing that. I hope I came within a few miles of satiation.

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Dylan and I both commented that this was one of the most comfortable bikes straight out the door. Why I felt that way when I'm a good hot dog length shorter than Ol' Gangly Moose is because of the way I like to ride. A generous cockpit and stays means a generous wheelbase which in this case equals comfort and stability at speed. If I had or enjoyed tight twisty trails I'd go large but that ain't my jam. Also, if you do go XL and find the 50mm stem to be lengthy you could size down the stem, I wouldn't suggest the inverse.

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