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Yes, because we as a society have agreed that reading the book is worth more than just finding out how it ends and tend not to spoil it for each other. Especially so for highly anticipated releases.

It was absolutely awesome watching the last DH World Cup round, the suspense, the twist...finding out who won from a headline "Bruic Luni Won the Race" isn't as fulfilling.

Anyway, you have the right to word the headlines however you like, and neither Peter nor I can tell you otherwise. We should also find ways of dealing with such abuse.
Perhaps shame them publicly, why should they get the benefit of anonymity?

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Okay, this can't be even more click-bait-y, but I'll bite...

First of all, to get one thing out of the way - Peter is an ass. End of story. No discussion needed.

Now onto the real issue:
This has nothing to do with entitlement and everything to do with spoilers.
Yes, that simple. You might be a News Outlet, but the results of a race that people obviously enjoy watching might be a special case and therefore treated differently. Like a TV show for example, RedBull themselves are advertising tuning in for the Live Event and also the Reply.

Here are a few analogies:

- When you go to Netflix/Amazon/Blockbuster and pick up a title/dvd it doesn't say "Bruce Willis is dead in the end", similarly when you go to RottenTomatoes to read about films, the titles aren't "Rose lets Jack die even though there' space on the plank". Especially not near the premiere/release date.

Should we avoid going to IMDB to avoid GoT spoilers in the headlines? No, because that's taken care of.

- The library, you pick up a book and surprise - the ending isn't written on the back.
Then when you go to Amazon or Penguin or whatever, we know it's cool, the headlines aren't "Snape is a cool guy, saves Potter in the end!".
How ridiculous would that be? And can you imagine the hatemail you'd be getting then?

It's really that simple.

So, get off your high horse and STOP POSTING RESULTS ON THE HOME PAGE!!!! /s :D
(and if not...whatever, it's not the end of the world)

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