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Boy can ride a bike!!!

Liked a comment on the item What's a Rut? Brook Macdonald Inside Lines at Les Gets - Course POV 7/1/2021 9:41 AM

I would buy a downhill bike again if there were courses like that everywhere. Amazing track. More amazing rider.

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Another suggestion for getting weight on the front wheel: a longer stem. I'm not advocating people go crazy and throw and 90mm behemoth on the front of their bike, but switching from a 35/40mm stem to a 50, you'll likely find it much easier to weight the front wheel with the same stack height.

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Amaury and Jordi are going to be awesome together.

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And that is why I opted for the Norco Optic with full XTR for my short travel bike, which cost less than both of these bikes. Only about 1 kg heavier than them and that's including oneup flat pedals, ARC30 Al wheelset, DD rear w/DH hucknorris insert, EXO+ front w/reg hucknorris...more

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I've been riding the new Stumpy that's 140/130 - I have gotten approximately 400 miles on it at this point. I built it with a Pike Ultimate, full GX, Codes, alloy bars, DHF/DHR MaxxGrip, and a EX511 wheelset. It weighs in at 30.16lbs with pedals. That's exactly 7lbs lighter than my other bike which is an Enduro with a 38 up front.

I live in the Seattle area and, for all but the gnarliest of rides, it's been my bike of choice. Provided you're not a weight weenie, I think you can spec these shorter travel bikes and have the best of both worlds - a robust platform with snappy and fun handling.

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Added a comment about feature Three Mountain Bike Brands Doing it Right in 2021 1/6/2021 10:10 AM

Would add Specialized to this. Class-leading bikes in all categories - Epic Evo, Stumpjumper, Stumpy Evo, Enduro and Demo. That's a pretty incredible lineup, and that's before we get into the E-bikes...

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Added a comment about video ELLIOTT HEAP - Trail Bike Madness - Vital RAW 12/18/2020 4:21 PM

So so good. This and his other sloppy Vital Raw are a couple of my favorites.

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Added a comment about video Is This the Golden Age of Mountain Biking? Meet the Stumpjumper EVO 10/6/2020 4:31 PM

I'd still say Specialized deserve some credit here - they were ultimately the ones that signed off on it and put up the cash. It's not your everyday marketing video, so it's clear that they assumed some risk. Agreed though - great work from Harrison Mendel and team.

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Thanks. 61 feels about right for this reach and csl. I experimented with 63 to 59 on my last home build. 59 was still good, but it seemed to be diminishing returns below 61. At some point you have to make a call on how much side loading you want to put through your fork bushings. With a linkage fork i’d go a bit...more

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I have always been a tinker type and took the plunge about 2 months ago and bought this exact system. I have a good number of runs on my local New England trails. From short DH runs on home trails to rowdy runs in North Conway, NH. The biggest...more

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Regardless, they aren't in business to lose money. Make what the current market demands and you'll stay in business. Make what the loud minority wants and you'll be out of business.

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@Jackhill, you realize that, on a long wb, low standover, big reach, high stack height bike, there is absolutely no reason to get your buttocks behind(and below) the saddle. Get low 'in' the bike, not in the old school style, behind the saddle.

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Does anyone doubt that Troy wants to win?

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They were all scrambling. SC just got there first.

Added a comment to dirtandsnow's bike check 4/11/2017 5:54 PM
dirtandsnow's Cannondale

Second the comment on the cable routing, but otherwise a sick looking bike. I think Cannondale have knocked it out of the park on this one. Love the longer reach coupled with the teeny chainstays.

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Added reply in a thread 2017 Racing Rumors 3/4/2017 1:14 PM

Bryn Atkinson posted an instagram story that showed Bas Van Steenbergen riding a meta trail bike. Mentioned that it was a 'loaner', but who knows. Maybe his deal with Hyper isn't working out.

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VITAL - Thank you for doing this...The MTB podcast world has a giant hole in it and hopefully this fills it. OFF_TRACK was great but they stopped doing it a while back...Please don't only stick to racing, anyone who is interesting in our world would be very welcomed...Mechanics,...more