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Cheers for the suggestion, Pedro! Those big wheels would be a treat at Angel Fire.

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Aluminium bike and a Rock Shox Deluxe air shock,#gamechanger

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you must be fun at parties...

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Super Insightful and Full of Comedy- But, come on, isn't adjustable geometry making you feel that much more rad than whatever chum actually would ride in the high/steep position? And isn't relativism what being rad is really about? Also, in some parts of the country we periodically go on big rides over many many mountains (In for 2018), sometimes with chainsaws, and on these rides not hitting all of the rocks with your sick flat pedals (with a little extra seat angle to boot) is really nice. And I get to feel altruistic for helping you in turn be much more relatively rad. Adjustable geo: IN!

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That rim ding shows this bike was tested properly :-)

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There you go again Vital, testing a bike us "non dentist" types might also be able to afford... Love VitalMtb testing/reviews. Just seem "real". Like your not swayed by who's patent is on the linkage, which brand is on the downtube or what bike company happens to be trendy at the moment. Nice to see the shock upgrade mentioned/recommended. Really interesting that there is "still" a square edge hit issue with the new suspension kinematics/shock tune. Decisions...

Since you mention the metal. I wonder how SC will spec the Aluminum version? I've been close to ordering this build with the shock upgrade a couple times. But then I look at the XT or X01 builds and think I should wait and keep saving. But "if" they offer the aluminum in an XT or X01 build and it comes in a grand cheaper than it will be super hard to resist ordering that up!

BUT, You look at the poor, sad, lonely, deprived Heckler and see what kind of builds SC offers.... LAME! no SUPER LAME! The Heckler may not be anywhere near as "refined" as a Bronson. But it is every bit as fun and EXTREMELY capable. EXCEPT that they throw a straight jacket on the bike by only offering it with low end builds. (which makes no sense, Just go down the isle in the warehouse and grab a higher end build kit from a Bronson and build the Heckler with some DIGNITY!

Anyway, rant over. And sure they sell frames too, build it how I want, etc. And I guess if the rims have issues I may need to take another look at that option. Or keep saving... Or go to dentist school?

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