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I used to ride in the same bmx club as her, she was already a legend but still very young. Rode a couple of time near her village and on her training track that was the steepest thing i've ever seen. Having ACC as your local hero makes you proud. An now we both are 20 years older,...more

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Im fine after surgery, where my two wrists were rebuild I have to wait about 6 weeks to - hopefully - be 100 % ok

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The thing I don't like in this news is the example for youngs. Where is the idea of contract? Money can buy and break everything. Next time when you sign something Aaron, please think a little bit further. An engagement is an engagement!
And I forgot to say I deeply love Specialized Bicycles.

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Don't fight it bro. No matter how much you sunbathe it won't change anything on your British skin.

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Long ass run!..they started with the sun full in the sky and finished at sundown! nice video!

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Hehe.. jeez it was a joke people!

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Actually, 650B is the fastest

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DAMMMMIT! Kovarik did it again. I want to see him in a final so danged bad.

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Is 661 going to be absorbed into One? i.e.: no more 661?

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Can you explain me why? Why I love so much DH racing while not being a good racer. I started MTB I was 22 years old, during the last 8-10 years I raced and never get any results........ Or maybe king of crash!!! Today my work, budget and my private life are keeping me far from race scene for the last 2 years and I don't necessarly live it good.
Is there a future in this sport for someone like me?

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I am not an account expert, but it seems you are right, I just checked on a dedicated website and..... A trade court decision allowed the company to still run their business in November 2010, certainly due to better 2010 results compare to catastrophic ... more »

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They worked a lot on this new track. It will never possible to escape long flat section, but still they did a real good work.

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I was super focused on what he said but did not understand a word............oh yes maybe something about tire pressure??? Ahhh poor froggy I am.
In fact his desire to get interviewed is soooooooooooooooooooooo obvious!!!

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I don't understand the return to Rocky Mountain, wasn't he "fired" from, 2 years ago?

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