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Another aspect I have thought about is opening up each of the riders lines for anyone. This would be incredible. Not sure exactly if it should be done on finals day only, or during practice. Or at all. But I am intrigued by the idea.
If you take the format with the baseline scores, and someone stomped their own line and maxed it out but felt they could do better on another line with a higher baseline score in order to go for the win? That would be Crazy exciting and add an additional layer of spontaneity.
The rider would have to be crazy motivated to attempt something like that on an unfamiliar line, and I cant see it happening often at all until their last drop, but it would at least be out there as an option.

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I really really really do not like the idea of constricting the individual rider/builder creativity. If I think back over the years about what things were the most disappointing with Rampage, most of it comes down to the judging, practice time, and all the unfinished business. The recurring themes that are always emerging are the following:

Grandiose Problem: The judging seems completely out of context when there is no baseline established. The riders have no idea what they are up against with their lines, and the judges are starting from 0 and playing the conservative game until the first, and sometimes even as the second runs are being completed.
Grandiose Answer: During the build period, and again once the lines are finalized, the judges should be establishing the baseline score for each of the runs on the mountain. Boots on the ground, they are looking at and walking the lines and determining the point value for just riding each of the lines. This gives the judges a chance to look at everything holistically and communicate to the riders the baseline points for their lines. If they trick features or completely flow everything at warp speed, depending on the trick and the feature performed on or the speed they did it with, it adds value above the expectations of a completed run in accordance with their baseline.
This also gives the judges the chance to really reward a crazy unique and technical line that is sketchy as hell to just ride, and also appropriately reward a completely independent build. The more manicured and collaborative flow-style jump lines could have an appropriately low baseline score and require some next level tricks everywhere to get near the top.
This would really level the playing field between the different styles, and the riders would know what they are up against and if they have a genuinely competitive line or not. They could also communicate this to the viewers ahead of time in the preshows, and as the riders are dropping in for their runs so the viewers have some idea what the hell the riders are being judged on.
The judges, along with some key other non-biased outsiders like previous riders such as Tippie and Berrecloth are the ones who come up with the agreed upon baseline scores for the lines.

Problem: So much unfinished business. Every year. I Cannot stand when a rider isn't able to put down a full run because they are putting it all on the line on their first drop and inevitably they blow something up.
Answer: Why not give the riders three runs, and let them submit their best for judging? If they are completing runs, they will already know they met their baseline score or better, and the viewers will know this too. If they believe they can improve their score as they see the other riders executing their runs, then they will drop again and try to do a better run and remain competitive as they could kind of gauge the runs from the other riders. This would add a lot of suspense for the viewer, and encourage riders to take their second and third runs if they are really in the running for a winning score. And for the others they would still know they are good with what they've done. Three would be ideal and give all riders the best chance of getting at least getting a score on the board with a complete run.
Letting the riders choose just one run to submit, would also take the pressure off the judges as it would all be finalized at the end of the event once all of the submissions were in and they have the full context of all the submissions. A lot less pressure on the judges, and a lot less pressure on the riders with more of a climax at the end. Show the replays of the submissions during the award ceremony and then reveal the winner. Would be thoroughly fair, and would feel more like a fest series type rider session where they each get to put their best foot forward, showcase their abilities, and not feel like they are being undervalued because the criteria wasn't clear, or due to judges under immense pressure and without the required context to make a fair assessment on the spot.

Problem: Not enough time to practice and rest.
Answer: An additional practice day, followed by a rest day prior to the event. Riders are guaranteed a practice run and get their baseline scores finalized. Then they let their bodies rest for a day. Everyone then clearly knows what they are up against and what they might need to do to win and can form a gameplan.
Seriously. for everyone's safety. This should not be so rushed

Problem: Wind and weather f'ing their runs.
Answer: If all else fails and they can't put a successful run down due to wind, they can fall back on and submit their completed practice run for the baseline score. Maybe with a deduction if its due to crashes in all of their finals runs? Not a perfect idea, but considerably better than the current practice

I think it really comes down to the viewers and the riders all wanting to see the guys get to do their full runs, get scored fairly and logically, survive, all of the creative and mind bending awe inspiring riding on full display, and a "winner" to emerge in the end on top of a sensible leaderboard.

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That chute entrance is absolutely insane

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Sad to see that he got freakin robbed by the judges, what a run man!!!

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That gap is gnar!

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Favorite Rampage run in a long time. Maybe ever? This has so many incredible elements and end-to-end looks scary and technical as hell. Even the transitions are a lot more natural and loose looking. I know he went early. I know many other riders had some HUGE runs. But this embodies Rampage, freeride, and mountain biking in general much more than the highly manicured drops and trick jumps. Realistically, how many of the other guys would have ridden this? They all spoke of it as one of the most technical and scary lines on the mountain. How can that not be rewarded significantly more, maybe even top 3?

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Alternative to cutting lawns: get a job at a bike shop so you can get discounts on bikes

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Would have been interesting to compare each test in the highest and lowest settings.

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I love that we have options. I also love swanky rad stuff. Cool to see Shimano doing something new!

That said, the (bigger) story to me right now is just how much performance you can garner for very little money. Its rad. 10 years ago there was such a big gap between...more

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Did they mention at all why they dropped their Direct Mount derailleur standard? I liked the design personally, and the hangers that were built to accommodate always seemed a lot more durable and less prone to getting bent out of shape so easily. So many hangers are unnecessarily flimsy. The DM standard at least seemed to help that issue for the brands that adopted it.

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Everyone has their own opinion about what the best drivetrain is—that's essentially what Shimano determined, they asked a whole bunch of racers what they wanted and determined there was no ONE unanimous winner so they created a couple options to satisfy a broader range...more

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It's like the upper west side ghetto, though...

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