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Did usac ever state what rule was broken to justify the dq?
That is no way for an official to treat a paying customer. Very poor example for usa cycling. I am glad they really are out of mtb racing on the east coast.

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I'm guessing that guy wears a little red hat at night, with "make downhill great again", on it.
Dick move official. Dick move.

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This is the same guy that threatened to pull my license in Angelfire because I (along with all the other junior pros) didn't know that a $250 UCI license was required to race Pro GRT's. If they would've told me in advance or enforced it in the first race of the series I'd understand but yelling at me for your mistake, not ok. Then at nationals threatened to DQ me during Dual Slalom practice when I was trying to set my front tire in the right spot on the gate. Then threatened to DQ and fine me during Enduro for playing music on my phone (not through headphones or earbuds just out loud) because apparently it endangers other riders, myself and him. And finally this is the same official that gave the fines for peeing and then lied to the other officials about the fine telling them the pro riders just whipped it out and started peeing in line. USAC as a whole isn't bad, but this ONE guy is ruining it for everyone! Please USAC get rid of him! All of my other experiences with officials have almost always been positive and most of the officials are good people!

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Beautiful bike! I just ordered a Vivid Air for my 951 Evo. What mounting hardware did you use? I don't know what size to get..

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