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can we pretend for one second that no one besides the bike industry gives a sh*t about 27.65 inch wheelz? i aint asking for a 27.5 and ride enduro

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Project Flyweight: The 29lb Trek Session 9.9 DH Bike

That's insane, hope the down tube is still burly enough it take rocks and stuff that get flicked up off the trail.

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Added reply in a thread Post your ride! 8/4/2011 5:03 AM Here's my 07 Stumpjumper Pro taken last week after a dump of snow. Can't seem to upload pics from my hard drive so i've stuck a link in.

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The only time my lockout hasnt worked is when i've had the bike inverted and the oil isnt sitting where it's supposed to be. A few pumps up and down to the the fluid moving and its good to go. I'd find another shop...