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Reply to Crystal Ball: Who will be the next DH Winner? Nerd Alert. 1/5/2018 1:24 PM

Other: Brannigan! Remember, he's been a bridesmaid (2nd to Stevie at Hafjell in '12) Add him to the list I reckon.

Reply to All Things Fort William World Cup 2017 5/14/2017 8:40 AM

Bit bummed Tahnee didn't take the win on her first race on the new bike. What happened to Rachel, she was there right?

Reply to All Things Lourdes World Cup Downhill 2017 4/30/2017 5:13 AM

Live timing if you want to see what's going on while we wait for the men's show...

Reply to 2016 Racing Rumours 1/4/2016 10:56 AM

Is this what I'm having for dinner?

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Reply to 2016 Racing Rumours 1/4/2016 10:16 AM

Good bet? Do you really think Whiteley is willing to let bygones be bygones even after a fairly public display of frustration...,706 I highly ... more »

Reply to Forum Hot Seat - Todd Seplavy, Director of Product at GT Bicycles 12/13/2015 9:42 AM

Todd - Any plans to do another Trans Provence? We had fun! Also, with Wyn on the team (cheers BTW) will there be a wheelie-specific GT bike coming, and how would one go about designing such a thing? --matt PS. Man-up and ride something other XC and road

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Reply to 2016 Racing Rumours 12/10/2015 10:08 AM

Agreed, and well said. Beaumont is a class act.

Reply to RESULTS: 2015 Masters World Champs DH from Andorra 8/29/2015 7:18 AM

Shout out to Collin Yarrow who I met in Hafjell for Masters last year. Good on ya for making the trip to Andorra, representing Canadian geezers, and pulling down 9th place!

Reply to USA Cycling Release ProGRT Updates / Info 4/22/2015 7:54 AM

This represents progress for US downhill racing, kudos to those making it happen. Next, the West Coast needs a World Cup stop. Would be a perfect place to do something this time of year, right around (or instead of) Sea Otter.

Reply to Official Lourdes World Cup Thread 4/11/2015 8:03 AM

No it didn't, but the strap on that safety pad sure as shit did! How about some of these up-and-comers/no-names in the quali results!? Dean Lucas 4th, Mark Wallace 17th, and Luca Shaw doin it for the USofA qualifying 22nd. Oh, and who the hell is Rudy ... more »

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 1/15/2013 5:23 PM

205lb Deadlift? meh... =)

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 1/9/2013 2:42 PM

Whitley's playing hard ball! We don't need to see the dirty laundry between concerned parties hung out in public. Hopefully level heads will prevail.

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 11/6/2012 5:39 PM

Danny Hart on Chain Reaction?

Reply to Spy Shots: New Prototype Fox Fork on Atherton Bike 5/28/2012 9:53 AM

Interesting! Hopefully Fox are ready to share some more details about the fork over the coming days...

Reply to Race Talk: Pietermaritzburg World Cup 3/14/2012 2:54 PM

Just wondering what we have to look forward to in the way of Flipper/Sven coverage over the course of the event? Any track walk stuff from today?

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 11/22/2011 9:54 AM

I heard a rumor that the 2012 V-10 needs neither spokes or cables.

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 11/22/2011 9:44 AM

And some new rubber too it would appear... (since I assume the relationship with ENVE is pretty solid)

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 11/16/2011 11:56 AM

Seriously... what's your beef with Riffle there Daniel? Seems like from your comment history you're a bit of a hater eh?,8632/all I thought he had some decent results this year, like 14th at Pietermaritzburg. ... more »

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 10/14/2011 4:08 PM

Coming back?

Reply to UCI World Cup Rumors via @TeamRumours 10/14/2011 2:41 PM

Aussie flag and a female sign on the hood... who could that be? Jill and Bryn usually go to Australia in the northern hemisphere winter.