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glad you liked it - building stuff out of cedar is timeless.. just scares to many people these days.

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Nice man. I miss all the Shore style riding. They built it back then for a reason. Why should it be so uncool today.

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Shredding the new trail i've been working on all summer - Influencer - Trying to bring back Squamish FREERIDE

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After graduating from the Mountain Bike Operations Program at Capilano University last May I decided to move to Squamish instead of going back home to Ontario. Living in Squamish this year has been unreal. Each time I go for a ride I still have trouble believing that trails this good are in my backyard. For this video I wanted to shoot a few of my favorite local trails and showcase how amazing the Sea to Sky riding really is." Instagram: @matt_boltz Visuals: Wildland Media Music: Big Wild - Aftergold

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A few of my favourite clips from fall time riding in Squamish

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it's more the fact a full face helmet would be way to hot to pedal in compared to a half shell. I agree this is a trend although new "enduro" style half shell helmets do offer quite a lot more coverage then previous ones and with new technology like ... more »

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Defiantly good advice, but WD40 actually makes some really rad bike specific lubes now.. check them out!