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Added a comment about video MARIBOR WORLD CUP DH TRACKWALK 10/14/2020 8:58 AM

Neko with the expert soil analysis per weather forecast quotient prediction

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Added a comment about press release Adidas 5.10 Teases New Hellcat Pro at UCI World Championships 10/9/2020 1:12 PM

Any advice out there on the compatibility of hellcat 2s with crank bros cleats? I'm running two metals spacers and the pins screwed down quite a bit and still struggle to clip in. Switched back to flats months ago. No regrets really but maybe I need more spacers??

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Liked a comment on the item RESULTS - Jesse Melamed and Morgane Charre Win EWS Finale Ligure 9/27/2020 5:47 AM

Help us understand this one please. We don't spoil the results of World Cups where there is a replay of the race to watch, but in what way are we spoiling the EWS experience for you here?

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A few of you have mentioned dadlife and mid-pack and /gasp/ being 35 years old (me too) so perhaps we should all keep this in perspective? You are there to ride your own race. What the teenage kid gets to do is out of your control. I'll be at work all ... more »

Added reply in a thread Should There Be a 29er DH Class and 27.5 DH Class at World Cups? 4/27/2017 9:13 AM

Ratboy won on 26 at leogang when practically everyone else was on 27. I see no difference now.