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I've ridden it from the bottom twice. It's NOT a DH mountain bike trail. It's an alpine mountain bike trail, and a sweet one. Anyone looking for a DH-specific trail needs to look elsewhere. I see other trails being built on the mountain, so one day Snowbird may be a place for DH bikes, but it's not there yet. The climb up this trail is one of the best in the Wasatch, though. The DH is fun, just not "flowey" or "sick" with lots of nice berms and jumps. XC, Trail, and AM riders I think will really like this trail, but DH & FRers for now are better served elsewhere. However, it'll be super sick to link this up with the LCDH for a mega long run to the bottom of the canyon. MD out......

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About 10 rides on my new setup: SRAM PG 1030 11-36 cassette - 17t + OneUp 42t, SRAM X9 Type 2 mid cage rear, Race Face NW 30t up front. Quick review: slight loss in shifting performance but 100% worth it for me due to the simplicity of my new drivetrain (and some weight savings too) and 90% of the range of my old 2x9, plus my bike just looks "right" now. If you're interested in simplifying your setup right now, then do it. If you're anal about your shifting, buy a proper 1x11 or wide range 10 speed cassette, coming soon from Shimano and already available online from some lesser known manufacturers. 1-2 years from now there will be multiple options of complete "wide range" 10 speed groupos, so feel free to hold out a while if your current setup is fine and you want to wait for an affordable "fully dialed" 1x10 solution.

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