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Meet Tomi From Manizales, Columbia 0

Marcelo Gutierrez offers his help to a young, local rider and shows how it's not always about having the latest and greatest bike to enjoy riding; sometimes, it's about giving back.

As a former World Cup racer, I have to admit that once you are in the game of trying to be your best, we all have to be quite selfish and self-determine to look forward and that's about it. Not much more mattered but how could I get faster and stronger? But, things have changed from a few years ago; call it mature, call me old (lol), or simply down to earth. 


After working with Leatt for over 2 years now, more than being grateful to them, I feel grateful to be able to give back to that next generation. And this is the case with little Tomi. He's a young Colombian from my hometown and when I grew up, being Colombian simply made things slightly harder because of the exchange rate. Everything is 2-4 times more expensive for us than for people in the States, the UK, or Europe. But this is exactly what I love about our culture, about Latins, and especially about Tomi's story.

Tomi and his dad, work harder than many out there. They are dad and son but more than that they are teammates trying to conquer and build a career. Doing all sorts of different home businesses like selling soaps, printing catalogs and flyers at home, doing raffles, and whatever else that could contribute to being able to pay the cost of traveling around Colombia dreaming of one day being a World Champion or even better an Olympic Champion.

The only thing that I would like to bring up about this encouraging story, is that this goes for a lot of us out there. Even it sounds cliche: Happiness is not always about having the fanciest, newest, coolest, etc. Think about all of those with a humble lifestyle who are way happier than us, those people that can't afford to change their bikes every year, new tires every month, etc. Be grateful and work hard and better than that: GIVE BACK when you can. Cheers!


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