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Nice wheels...

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Bran wins the game of thrones and Iron Man dies.

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Yeah....those 4 guys must be pissed.

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Most definitely to your second question.

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As you wish?

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Probably experimenting with different geos. Once he nails down what he wants for the WC season, they'll make a carbon mold. Molds are v expensive.

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Glad you guys tested with an upgraded wheelset. Entry level suspension is so good these days, I’m really leaning towards buying a bike at this price range and throwing on a high end wheelset and cassette, rather than springing for a complete in the 5k range.

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That’s a bad ass trance. I’ve been debating throwing a float x2 on the back of mine, does it fit without any modification to the frame or shock hardware? Yours looks clean but I’ve heard of people having to file the rocker.

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