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Brutally honest. I dig it.

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Surprised TEAMROBOT hasn't commented on Minnaar's hair yet

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This has to be a good thing right? Getting a non-mtb brand sponsor has to be good in that it may allow mtb brands to allocate the same money in other areas?

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@sspomer - You're right on College ball being a key development area both on and off the court, which I think is important. However, some would argue that for those that "have it" (i.e. Lebron, Simmons, etc.) that it is an unnecessary hurdle to the pros. ... more »

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Got the pod on my list this week so take my comments with a grain of salt, but I do think that WC DH is at a bit of a crossroads here: Is it a series for the best riders in the world to compete? Or is it just going to be a few weekends a year that are ... more »

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This is definitely an interesting concept, especially for racing. Although personally, I've found just running an extra 3-4 PSI in my rear tire reduces my flats very significantly... Yeah I lose a bit of traction but for every day riding it's kind of ... more »

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uhhh... Looks like one of those novelty DH races where the track goes through some historic ruins and then an urban section to show the public how cool mountain bikers are at the cost of giving them a decent track.

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Your daily reminder that there's no substitute for an actual downhill bike.

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Spandex and cargo shorts in the crowd... times have changed (probably for the better)

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I agree on the points thing being kind of gimmicky. I think the rest of the changes are ok. I think we want to see the consistently best riders on race day and it seems like having less riders for finals is better for the track and practice on race day. ... more »

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Quality heckling as usual.

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just want to say how much I appreciate this podcast series, fantastic work!
Especially getting to know what drives these mtb personalities from all different angles of the industry personally and how they got to be where they are now is super fascinating and creates...more

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The internet never forgets...

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With WC around the corner, anyone hear any grumblings about people moving around? Changes at GT?

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Did anyone else watch Gwin in the vid after Minnaar's crash? Guy hikes back up to redo that berm and moves his entrance like 6" inside his first go. These guys are so locked in, it's awesome.

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Troy, Greg, and Gwin all had a split where they were fastest?? What a season and what a way to end it!

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