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Ever use one of these?

Avoids that problem and work well for carrying extra water. Usually bring one on longer rides and dump it into my normal bottle (on the frame)

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Yeah a top cap would be great

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Bruni: 3:06.56
Atherton: 3:58.90

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hahaha. spot on. Although doesn't everyone need to get tricked into riding Slickrock once?

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I can't even take the rest of this article seriously after your Moab introduction. So lets look into my crystal ball... You decided to pedal the whole Porcupine loop instead of paying for a shuttle = amateur. Based on your dehydration, I can assume you brought maybe a couple water...more

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Enrico, we are doing good if thats the biggest problem! haha. In all seriousness how badly do you need this feature? not busting balls, just curious. You wear goggles with your half shell all the time?

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Got some fun flow and flow jump trails that are a pedal from the house, which is great when I have an hour or so for a ride. Anything longer and I'll hop in the car for 10-30 minutes to access better trails

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Funny how Gee gets so much grief. Winners are focused and often very serious. This guy puts so much work in and sacrifices a great deal out of his daily life to chase tenths a of seconds only to get crappy commentary from Internet aficionados. Kind of a bummer,...more

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Can't wait to here about what tires he's on!

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This is a mixed bag. I think the biggest plus here would be that the national cycling organizations would dedicate more $ to national series and what not for DH which would be great, especially in the US. The downside, as others have mentioned, would ... more »

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This is a vital question as it will definitely dictate tire choice for myself this season....

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not to nit pick, but you can't have schwable procore and enve rims right? They aren't compatible

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Hahaha so true. Careful picking on the internet CFOs and CMOs... haha

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I kind of agree. Maybe he has 1 more year on his contract and Spec thinks that with graves as a training partner with real enduro focus he will be better? Keene is a phenomenal rider, but there are all lot of great riders in the EWS and usually a company ... more »

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As long as trail bikes "descend like a DH bike" I think you're good. Haha Since most of the bikes you guys test in the test sessions are in a similar range of use and have different specs, could you guys do a tire review? May be something you could do ... more »

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wonder what the changes are at the syndicate??? Minnaar is doing an interview with Warner today... One final year for the syndicate?

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Damn that's some serious redecorating... Is the syndicate no more, or at least in its current form? Hard to imagine that crew splitting up... GM and Roskopp seem like boys, Peaty is Peaty, and can't imagine them letting Rat go after 2 very solid seasons ... more »

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Loic and Brosnan will be pretty damn cool

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Couldn't agree more. This totally sucks. People will get hurt biking but the format of this event forces people to take risk that I don't think they would if "line choice" wasn't so crucial to doing well.

Also, this just shouldn't be a live event. Riders should have time and be able to wait for safe conditions over the course of a day or two to have judged runs. It's windy in virgin (all the time) so if you're going to score runs give riders a big window so they aren't forced to ride when conditions make them uncomfortable.

Lastly, I know people are fired up about red bull and rightfully so. However, we need to be careful about holding event organizers responsible for accidents because if we do (in the U.S. anyway) organizers will be getting sued left and right when someone gets injured. Events like this should have a 3rd party insurer or something like that where the organizer supports the riders in getting a fair and comprehensive deal. That's what really bugs me. Where is red bull helping riders get great insurance for rampage so if the something terrible happens medical care will be taken care of??

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On a separate note, why can't this be more like other sports. Where we all know who is a free agent with speculation about who they are talking to? I get the riders contracts are through the end of the calendar year, but how about just making them end ... more »