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Liked a comment about feature Rampage 2021 Winning Runs 10/16/2021 11:27 AM

not as bad as Jaxson robbery. Norbs x Brendog robbery = JaxsonRobbery

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Liked a comment about product review An Excellent Value on a Solid Kids Mountain Bike - 2021 Commencal Ramones 20 Review 2/18/2021 10:50 AM

Looking at getting one of these for my boy, who’s also on the 16” Ramones. Great to hear the rider’s thoughts too. Now waiting for them to come in to stock!

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Liked a comment about product review An Excellent Value on a Solid Kids Mountain Bike - 2021 Commencal Ramones 20 Review 2/18/2021 10:50 AM

Can't say enough good things about the Ramones 20". We purchased one for our then 6 year old and was an excellent platform for him to progress. I did a lot of research and the combo of weight, geo and components were hard to beat. I was really surprised at how well the combination of weight and plus size tires negated the needed for any suspension. Over time at 8 years old, his riding was progressing riding more rocks and jumping so I added a sun tour XCM fork and dropper post and swapped out the front kenda 2.6 for a more aggresive 2.4 inch tire but kept the 2.6 in the back to run at lower pressure which provides sold dampening for a hard tail. These mods fit the bike/geo well and elevated the downhill performance along with the sizing, I believe was a 300 upgrade for both. He has since outgrown it and moved on to a 24" Lil Shredder Phenom (another great bike) and the ramones had been handed down to his 6 year old sister updated with purple grips and peddles along with removing the fork and dropper to better accommodate her size and skill. Over time we've replaced the derailleur, shifter, peddles and grips but thats all. We have also steered about 6 of our friends onto this bike and all agreed what a great little bike it is for 6-8 year olds. For 6-8 years olds, outside of the small % of kids that are sending it at the bike park you can't beat the Ramones 20" for build and value! Buy one!

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Liked a comment about feature Unboxing Vital MTB Gear Club 19 - December 2020 1/14/2021 11:03 AM

Really excited to be included in this box. Hope everyone is enjoying the windbreaker as much as we are!
Thank you for the opportunity @VItalMTB

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The original EDC could be used with a K-edge style mount. As seen here

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Rocket Pop // Alpine Trail 8

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"We aren’t taking salaries or any wages to do this. Currently, everyone working at Grow Cycling Foundation is a volunteer. Aside from platform hosting fees and administrative costs, 100% of your donations go directly to Grow Cycling initiatives and are tax-deductible."

I just want to put this here because its important. Too many non profits (cough protect our winters cough) turn into a self serving non profit that aim to support the people that run them as much as (more than) the cause they aim to have an effect on.

Beyond this, what I think is rad about Eliot's non-profit is its specific aim. I hope he keeps this aim laser sharp while continually acknowledging one of the primary drivers to the outdoor sporting world's "exclusionary" issue has more to do with wealth inequality than anything else.

Oh, and I feel I speak for everyone when I say "more videos with Elliot doing whips".

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Liked a comment about feature New MODULAR Flat Pedal for MTB, Helmet and Hydration Packs - Vital Gear Show 7/24/2020 6:26 AM

Much respect Iceman. Made my day 🤛

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