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*NO BS Disclaimer: GoPole is a sponsor of Lucent for 2014 and provides us with product and discounts*

I often find myself bringing along a GoPro and a few simple mounting accessories in my pack for a quick bike or snow adventure, but never really had a good case for it. So when GoPole announced the VentureCase I immediately put in an order!

Here's a quick rundown of the features, and my first impressions on the case after unboxing and testing out its storage capabilities:

GoPole Case

Typically on a vacation, bike, or snow trip I will bring two GoPros and some (<em>not all</em>) of my GoPro mounting accessories like the Suction cup, a GoPole Grenade Grip, some sticky mounts, remote, batteries and charging cables. As shown below, the VentureCase had no issues storing all these with ease. I'm thinking I could probably squeeze in some additional GoPro mounts right alongside the cameras if I REALLY had to. The top mesh pockets and the zipper pocket are perfect for storing sticky mounts, a remote, spare batteries and cables.

GoPole VentureCase storage

Thankfully if you keep your GoPros in the waterproof housing, you dont have to worry too much about water...but just in case you use the vented housing, taped seams on the VentureCase will help keep water out.

VentureCase taped seams

The Good:

I think the size is great for most people that own 2 cameras along with a few mounts and accessories and want a simple way to keep it all organized. As you can see in the picture below, I easily packed a variety of accessories. Although not pictured, there is still room in the top zipper to throw in a few mounting arms, extra batteries, charging cables, and even a small portable battery pack. With only foam sides and a soft exterior, cramming it into a pack with my other camera gear shouldn't be a problem. Compared to similar products on the market, the VentureCase is prices similarly if not a slight bit cheaper than cases that store two GoPros.


The Bad:

If you only own 1 camera and not many accessories, this case might be overkill for your storage needs. Although in theory you could use the other space on the left hand side for storing more accessories.

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