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It really all comes down to spending. Personally, I'd definitely go with the Orbea (better fork is a big deal plus I've always gone with SRAM drivetrain after a few Shimano issues that made me write them off). Good luck man

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I haven't personally ridden any YT bikes but have never heard anything bad about them. The only downside they have is that they're direct to consumer, if you you're big on specs and know your geometry you should be fine though. Capra Vs. Jeffsy is really ... more »

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The stabilization (from what I know) is simply done by recording in a larger frame size then placing the larger frame into a standard one and wiggling it around. You should be able to do this with any camera that can exceed the frame size you'd want ... more »

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I'm not exactly a headset specialist but I have never once had a problem with any FSA headset. I have had them on three bikes now and even a scooter (but that was a long time ago) and they worked flawlessly.

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If you want to do any street freestyle or urban downhill Vancouver is great for it. I'd recommend staying just outside of downtown though, as it's super busy down there and people tend to get annoyed if you're stunt riding.

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I’ve ridden both and didn’t find a HUGE difference. They’re is certainly a difference but I didn’t find it to be anything massive. I found the X2 to be the better shock and mainly prefer it for the more versatile tuning options it has. For the rough ... more »

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I’m Logan Hudniuk as the username states?. I live just outside of Vancouver, Canada and have been riding (seriously) for about 3 years now. Occasionally, I ride at Sun Peaks and Whistler but mainly near my home doing Urban Downhill and just playing around ... more »

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I have a pair of Jaybird Tarah Pro earbuds and they sound absolutely amazing. They stay in your ears pretty well, too. They’ve glitched out a few times which sort of sucks but it’s rare. I doubt they’ll fit in a full face helmet but even despite the ... more »

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I totalled my current bike and am looking to get either a Patrol Alloy GX or a Range A1. The Patrol is better with upgrades like full GX Eagle drivetrain (compared to part NX Eagle, part GX Eagle), Code RSC brakes (compared to Code R) and a Grip2 damper ... more »

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Personally, I’d leave the paint and get a wrap. Most vehicle wrap shops can make really high quality custom prints and they normally use 3M vynal that can withstand a pretty good beating. It’s cheaper, easily replaceable if it gets damaged or you just ... more »