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Added a comment about feature Ultra-Long, 210mm Travel Enduro Machine - Is This the Ultimate MTB? 9/14/2020 4:45 PM

Lol, there are many of us. I'm waiting on my 2nd frame with 210mm of rear travel but with not as outlandish geo numbers.

I asked the same questions after using my downhill enduro bike and found it good for everything.

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Added a comment to _Lan's bike check 2/21/2020 11:00 PM
Tikbalang MK1 Titanium Downhill Enduro bike


Couldn't get on with the EXT Storia. Felt harsh no matter what permutation of settings I use. Bought a Fox X2, started at 25% sag with 4 volume spacers and factory recommended setting and it's already so much better. Maybe the EXT has a very aggressive compression tune.

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Added a comment about press release Custom Spec Options, Carbon, Alloy, and Both Wheel Sizes: the 2020 Propain Tyee Is Here 1/15/2020 2:35 PM

The axle path's x values look wrong

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Added a comment to _Lan's bike check 12/31/2019 1:13 AM
Tikbalang MK1 Titanium Downhill Enduro bike

Thanks for the nice words guys and thanks for the feature Vitalmtb.

I designed the bike but left the fabrication to the experts. It would be prohibitively expensive to do it myself.

Been busy with work and the holidays lately so have little time to test and setup the bike.

First time to test it the idler pulley bearing which had ceramic coated balls but plastic races broke on the 2nd lap before I even had the chance to make adjustments to the suspension.

2nd time to test I changed the bearing to a steel one and it held up. The bike felt good even in the tight switchbacks and didn't feel cumbersome at all. But it was a trail that I rarely go to and it also didn't have the rough rocky square edge hits that might show the advantages of a rear axle path and 29er wheels. Altough a fast youngster did say he liked it after taking it out for a lap so that's encouraging.

Finally, going to test it on the new year on a trail I'm familiar with which also have the rockies that will favor this kind of bike. I'm also slowly building up the speed. Checking the pivots and welds after every run and trying to feel what the bike is doing before committing 100% just to be safe. Also have a 27.5 tues to compare to.

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