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Is it me, or does this look exactly like the PRO Team Compressor tubeless chamber thing but with a different valve?

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Here's my latest theory. Most of the teams/riders have a mutual agreement to keep a lid on things till the UCI registration day ( I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but it just makes sense as a set date since it does apply to many) cause they're ... more »

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Looks like the stock XO1 build from the website.

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Only see a single post with the Polygon/Marin riders

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The sad thing is that it wouldn't be surprising if the team has a buyout clause to easily pull the plug. Let's hope not though. I'm ready for 2020 team rumors that Nino will start doing EWS events

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Specialized's legal department likes to find trademark infringements. Legally totally in their rights but outraged the cycling community. I won't link a specific article, dealers choice for who's POV you want to read. If I remember right, a big question ... more »

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Good sleuthing there! Definitely not Enve rims unless there's something new in the works. Quite the mismatch of parts there. TRP brakes with Shimano rotors, Fox fork with an Eagle drivetrain, new tires, new wheels. Testing time? Glad someone is trying ... more »

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The only way I could understand Intense being in the running financially is if there was something like a percentage ownership stake on the table or above average royalties. Gwin is a big-picture guy, but would Jeff Steber even consider something like ... more »

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Fat Guy Friendly XC - Yeti ARC C
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Pushed Zerode Taniwha from Tasmania
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My poorly constructed, most likely wrong theory is that Ratboy's newest bikes are just being pulled off the retail racks at the SC warehouse so he rides whatever spec is on them aside from the Fabric stuff he's been promoting. Has he mentioned any specific ... more »

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Zerode Taniwha Custom Build

TrashcanXan, I'm curious as to what frame protector you used and possibly what kit? I know that no specific kit really exists yet, but have been considering using one of the Santa Cruz kits available with the closest matching silhouette. I'm building up the courage to order my Taniwha and then let the wife catch me with it one day.

Sweet ride! This has thrown blue back into consideration for me!

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Zerode Taniwha Custom Build

It really isn't that big a deal to switch to a Pinion. The only reason why someone wouldn't adjust to it within 3-5 rides is if they are adamantly against using it and put up a mental roadblock. We do live in the world of instant gratification though, which doesn't help. Stupid internet shopping! The twist shifter was a big turn-off for myself, and the adjustment took a few rides. But then I got to understand more than just the obvious benefits of the box and the little nuances that really make it awesome.

I spent a couple of months exclusively on my "regular bike" and enjoyed the trigger shifter. I also noticed all the things I couldn't do with it and how much more prepared I had to be with my shifting. Maybe the Pinion actually made me lazier. The transition back took a couple of rides, but the benefits of the system far outweigh the disadvantages.

One example would be transitioning a descent into a sudden, steep climb. I hate having to downshift while i'm trying to enjoy the descent, having to pedal and spin out to get the bike into gear, and then if I don't have it in the right gear, coming to a grinding halt or hearing my drivetrain cry out under the stress. With a Pinion, I'm enjoying the ride, give the "throttle" a twist, never have to worry aboot pedaling to get it into gear, and then if I'm in the wrong gear, I just let off the gas for half a fart and boom, things are good! Lose barely any, if at all, momentum and things are good.

But we can all relax, cause Pinion, and supposedly others, are working on trigger shifters. Personally, I'm a bit worried aboot that as part of the fun of a grip shift is dumping 5+ gears in one shot when I make mistakes, and my internet engineering degree is telling me I probably won't be able to do that as easily or quickly with a trigger. Hope I'm wrong

This setup has 18 comments.

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Zerode Taniwha Custom Build
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Custom Rocky Mountain slayer