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In the past big bike brands have tested new bikes under riders down here in NZ. One of the first carbon Furys was here under a local GT rider because NZ used to be low key. Im not saying it is a new bike but its not unlikely that some brands send out ... more »

Reply to What's your bike maintenance schedule like? 5/28/2014 11:00 AM

Man I used to have a workshop at home and strip down my bikes all the time ,kinda like a stress relief really. now Ive moved from NZ to London as long as its not sounding broken itll do. Its a sad state...

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Yes and mine is winning! Wait can ya win that?

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$8000 of your American Dollars could build one of the most badass Zerodes the world has seen. Zerode G1 Frame and some killer parts!

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my zerode
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commentator said LOOK AT THE TIME! on the first rider . Also talks about how rutted the course is ,when It looks smoother than Aline on opening day haha. Someone should pop a rob warner commentary over this and see how it fits.

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The parkins will be ok. One works under the trek banner one under dirt magazine and bam! Loop hole. It's the other guys filming for multiple teams.

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Ive worked as a mechanic on and off for a fair chunk of my life. Im not now ,but ill give it a shot. What is the history of this career? ? I spose there has been mechanics since bikes became a main stream piece of transportation. What education do you ... more »

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Hey all this is my Coverage of the NZ 08-09 series.

round2 round 3 ... more »
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Hey Spomer Ive uploaded the vid to Vital ,and some others aswell. Love the site by the way!

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Thanks for the great info guys. Its nice to find a forum with some real answers! Its funny you say get out and hussle. I worked on the National Series whilst shooting my 2nd film back home in NZ. I worked closley with Sam Blenkinsop ,Danny hart ,and ... more »

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that Santa cruz is the best V10 ive ever seen. well done. that fade is sick! heres my trusty 2stage ,It was getting replaced this season but instead im moving to the UK after this whistler

... more »
Reply to are you scared of being called a fanboy? 1/3/2010 9:52 PM

I dont want to be called a fanboy. but I really liked the TLD red and White Kit that hill rode this year ,so I got the gear and I like it. and I think the green demo looks phat. but together with the TLD kit it would be pretty fan boyey.