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That was a reet good podcast, i also remember from the transcontinental vid that he had another nick name of the cactus kid from when Colin came off in some cactus and his dad had to pick the spikes out of his ass with his teeth.

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I love it but, I’ll never be able to justify $2700 when I can get a Lyrik for under $1000.

But this is something I’d truly like to try just to know more about it.

This fork is so different that it is my belief that to truly see the full potential realized...more

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One of the few and true legends of our sport.
In his reference to sleeping on tiles in 2003 while on Madcatz, they used to come up to us time to time in Laguna beach and have a luxury weekend away. We had mattresses, pillows and carpets to sleep on....

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that's rad!!

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Thanks man!

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