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I asked over 50 passionate mountain biking women about their experiences dating the non-mountain biker guy and riding together. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 turn-offs.

#10  His concept of mountain biking is from 1998

He hasn’t ridden since then but wants to impress her- show’s up with his bike and gear from those times too.

#9  He is a wanna-be

He likes to buy bikes but doesn’t ride much, at all.

#8  He thinks he knows how to ride better than her

He spends the whole ride telling her how to ride, but can’t get over the obstacles himself.

#7  He gets upset when she’s faster than him on the downhill

Instead of complimenting her, he is upset at himself for being last.

#6  He has no appreciation for her passion about mountain biking

He doesn’t think mountain biking is interesting, and isn’t impressed by the technical skill she’s worked so hard to acquire.

#5  He shows up with a Walmart bike that he pulled out of his trunk, and he plans to ride in the work boots he’s wearing

She does appreciate his effort, but is turned-off by his lack of common sense.

#4  He just “doesn’t get it”-why she rides

The adrenaline rush, endorphin high, camaraderie, scenery, fresh air- he doesn’t get it.

#3  He hammers up the hill and leaves her for dust

He either wants to show off, gets bored or annoyed, or wants to race the guy passing - for some reason or another he rides all the way to the top without her.

#2  He complains

He whines that it’s too cold, too bumpy, he’s tired, and his butt hurts.

#1  I don’t date non-mountain biking guys

Surprise! The most common answer was- once I went mountain biker- “I never looked back”. Many mountain biking women met their current boyfriends or husbands through mountain biking.

The married mountain biking couples have had and continue to have long- lasting, happy, mountain biking relationships. And the single ladies will never date outside of mountain biking again.

Mountain biking women can be very passionate about riding, we literally eat, breathe, sleep, and love- for the, I wouldn't say sport, but for the lifestyle.

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