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Totally, damping is a bandaid solution for bad spring rates, but if your shock feels dead, damping is still an available bandaid solution.

This one of many reasons why I love air suspension- it's so hard to dial in spring rate with coils, and you can't do anything about spring curve progression- it just is what it is. Being able to fine tune spring curve with tokens and being able to fine tune spring rate with little 3 psi bumps is priceless.

Besides the fact that it's a PITA and expensive to buy 2-4 springs before you dial in sag, you never actually dial in sag at all. With a coil shock, even at 25 lb increments, you can only get sag close and you're left to compensate with compression damping to get the feel you want. I find I play with knobs a lot more on coil shocks, because I can't do anything about the spring rate. On my air shock bikes, I rarely touch the dials. If there's a problem, I grab my shock pump.

My hunch is that 90% of suspension performance is related to spring rate, and the rest is just managing how that spring performs. It's the spring that actually holds your weight up. If you can get your spring rate where you want it, you have a lot less futzing with the last 10%.

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I don't understand. If the adiabatic process occurs at high shaft speeds, why would that affect a low shaft speed moment like pushing into a jump face? By poppy I assume we're talking about jumping. Similarly, small bump impacts are high shaft speed moments, so by this same process wouldn't an air shock always be rougher on small bumps?

Not saying they're wrong, and it sounds like their blind testing indicates riders can always tell a difference between air and coil. Just saying it doesn't make sense. Maybe pushing into a lip is a high shaft speed moment?

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sick, thanks for the bike update...and the hucking 14 years ago haha. i fixed the description. i still get freaked out thinking about what you guys rode down and off out there. #concrete

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So the pike has more micro adjustment of the low speed compression, and that compression adjustment applies to the fully open position and the partially open position, unlike the fox factory CTD which only affects the Trail position. Good to know. Thanks Jeff

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So does a spinal injury

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I haven't seen this helmet up close but biggest concern with putting foam of any other soft material on the outside of the helmet is the increased risk of neck injury. This has been talked about in football helmet development. While the extra layer of material on the outside will without a doubt help absorb direct impacts, it can also get caught on things and increase rotational forces on the head. Think about going over the bar and sliding down the hill. Often your head just glides right along on the hard shell of your helmet. Add in a softer outside layer and all of a sudden your head may be getting caught on the rough ground as you slide, possibly leading to neck.spine injuries. Same as football. Part of how the helmet works is that the none direct blows glance off each other.

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We agree completely agree with the comments about the Shimano drivetrain. We updated our spec to the new clutched derailleurs and a double crank on the Race and Pro kits as soon as we could, unfortunately the bike we provided for this test had last years Race kit. The clutch derailleurs are really awesome and a great improvement, rarely if ever is a chain dropped and chain slap is nearly nonexistent.

-Nate Espinosa
Yeti Cycles

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UCI ruling from their tiny little thrown... suck it!

USAC you little puppet you are... grow some balls!

You guys should go drink some wine and eat some cheese with our UCI LICENSE money MTB will have its own governing body soon enough, and we wont pay for your licra parties anymore. USAC will have to survive on ROADIES.

USAC you are trying to force manufactures like KHS to stay away from GREAT EVENTS like Fontana, and monopolize our sport and how it is run. USAC - you should think twice before you alienate ALL OF MTB. Their will be a new govener soon enough, and you fairys wont be included.

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