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"Steel is real" slogan. My steel frame is probably worse performance wise, but it rides like a piece of rich mohogany compared to the previous aluminum. It feels like a million bucks. This is a comparison between 2 similar high grade frames (Easton aluminum tubing, and Reynolds steel tubing), and the steel feels like fort Knox, whereas the aluminum is probably the creaky performance choice. Overall as an older person (28 years old), I prefer the steel, as I'm not out to set any records, and prefer the, "muted solidity", over the, "high strung, twitchy, light, noisy" feeling of aluminum.

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These women bikes, like the "Liv" brand, I wouldn't even hesitate to ride one. Must be some beasty women, or at least invested, that's good!

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Looks good. Might buy some when I have lots of money for good hubs, and spokes. On the other hand I literally just bought my rear rim, and I ride like a old grandpa, so we'll have to see, no point pumping money into the ground. Might also stick to aluminum, in my mind I'd rather have high end aluminum than low end carbon, not really a weight weenie, and I'm skeptical when people are saying they're breaking carbon fibre, when everyone always says 1000 times stronger, and 5 times lighter than steel. It makes you wonder.

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Yeah, I'm kind of unsure of the math involved, because theoretically when it's helping the most is when your pedals are vertical, and the force is 0 Newtons, which theoretically you'd want to skip that point altogether. I don't really know the power output of cyclists or anything, but an oval chainring is an obvious improvement.

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I do believe it increase pedalling efficiency, how much? I do not know. But I feel it more constant especially when i do high rpm and it help me go uphill for sure. Just worthed it. And I put oval ring on my downhill rig too

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How is the oval chainring? They seem like a very good idea, but I figure only a 6.25% increase in efficiency putting a 28-30-32 on my bike. I guess it's better than nothing, but I would like your honest opinion. I guess going 10.625km instead of 10km with the same energy seems worth it.

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Simplicity and losing a few seals is another point, for sure, that I failed to mention. However, don't plan on neglecting your fork the same way you can neglect your coil-over rear shock.

The reason is two fold...

First, and more...more

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Awesome bike man! I have Truvativ Descendant cranks as well, and they seem kind of bad(weak), how are yours? Also I'm a fan of steep headtube angle, but not short travel, is there a reason everyone has short travel suspension nowadays(I'd rather have big travel with steep headtube)? Just strength? Also are those 24" wheels? Cool bike!

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