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Being on the tall end of the spectrum myself I decided to whip together my understanding of a balanced, scaled geometry for my size and actually ride it. So far its the smoothest turning bike i rode and i gets me into trouble quick, considering its a

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Hardware-pivot location on a 4-bar does not mean anything in terms of actual instant-center location the rear axle rotates around. Instant center is where a line drawn through the chainstay and the second bar connected to the mainframe intersect somewhere ... more »

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There is quite the heated debate going on here. I am very happy about everyone coming out with his ideas/opinions after Vorsprungs Video on that topic. There seems to be an obvious need to discuss this. Let me try to summarize what looks to be consensual ... more »

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Hej there, i was wondering about your opinions on frame flex. It seems to be a big topic in moto road racing, granted at those lean angles suspension was never going to work, and at least a topic of debate in the offroad moto world. How far would you ... more »

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I have to add that a crash replacement deal was more than i paid for the frame in the first place, thanks to working at the shop

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All i can add to this is from my point of view: Various (all i see on a regular basis) frames breaking in exactly the same area and a ztr ArchEx wheelset living longer than a frame is a very poor performance, wether i rode the "right" frame for my type of riding or not.
As i have pedaled every single meter of vert i prefer to be on smaller/more efficient bikes. Needless to say that the fifths friend orange 5 is still going strong and he is the one with the least light footed riding style, usually falling onto his bike than next to it when crashing etc....
All 4 of us have claimed warranty at everyday26, one of us was still well within the 2 years and myself never even revieved an answer to my request. The remaining two where offerend crash replacement deals, which were basically the same price for the older generation frame on sale (still with a gusset between seattube and downtube, we haven´t been the only ones breaking frames down there heh?)

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Location is important for sure! My favorite trail of all time (up until now at least) is in the vosges region in france, starting of a peak of a mountain being virtually unrideable for the first hour, riding a few balls out absolutely insane tech sections ... more »

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There seems to be a mixup since the spitfires leverage ratio is one of the best for adjusting a damper (unlike a bronson for example) if you take a look at the graph posted below..
I am on a Spitfire V2 myself for about 100000 meters of vert (euro money), have gone through the first set of bearings and scratched it up pretty bad...but this thing is still screaming for more.
I really don´t understand why people are hating the Float CTD in this frame. It has nothing but impressed me so far and i am on the rowdy side of riding. Even on alpine decents of 1000 meteres and more at ridiculous speed, colouring my rotors a deep blue , I don´t feel it fading enough to disturb me in any way.
The only mod i´ve done so far is increasing the IFP pressure by 15psi. It helped me a lot with bottom out situations. Maybe your shock came with a little less pressure in there. Bad for its damping and bad for bottom out resistance.
I plan on changing the main piston valving for more HSC, which i would like for those balls out rock section, pissing of guys on way bigger bikes. A little less comfort would be fine for me.
Another thing to consider is riding style. One of my riding buddies riding another Spitfire V2 with Float CTD had problems on drops and jumps, too, but his riding style is coming from riding a DH sled only in contrast to me who was riding a longtravel hardtail for years....

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