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Want to Ride? Built It - Remote 130 - Dig For Today 1

Shae James uses her Kona Remote 130 to access and build new trails. Not a bad gig.



Shae James is a seasoned digger. When it comes to no dig, no ride, she has an elusive ratio of 1:1 days on the hill. With proper trail building, comes restrictions to maintain sustainability, rideability, liability, and routing. It costs blood, sweat, and lots and lots of time

Feeling burnt out, she sought to reignite her love for trail building by ditching all the perfectionist considerations she usually has with dirt sculpting and focus purely on feeding her creativity and inner kid. Thanks to her Remote 130 and some spring conditions, she discovered a magical, mossy playground where she could build whatever beautiful and playful feature she wanted and ride it over and over again.

She didn’t have to worry about making sure it would hold up for years and thousands of tires. Nothing needed to flow downhill or have the speed roll just right – with the Remote 130 she was able to link features together with a few creative pedal strokes. The zone provided it all, she just had to imagine it and rearrange what it had to offer. The result of having a Remote 130 at her fingertips, is a rider and trail builder released into the wild. A happy dog let off leash. A child running out to recess.

Shae has always leaned into riding for today and letting the rest roll off. The Remote 130 enables her to do more of that. Now, adding it to her trail building tool stash, she is able to Dig For Today.


The Remote 130 has been spotted ripping through the forests from North Vancouver, down to Bellingham, across deserts, and all over the world. A little bit Process 134 a little bit Remote 160, it strikes a perfect harmony between an all-mountain trail bike and fully capable pedal-assist electric mountain bike. A sturdy aluminum frame holds a Shimano motor and battery. Supple suspension keeps the big hits feeling supported and the rough stuff feeling smooth. 29” wheels are wrapped in ultra-sticky rubber ensuring excellent traction. Whether cramming in an after-work ride or out for a multi-hour excursion, the Remote 130 is as versatile as the bikes that inspired it.


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