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To get them on use the Sensus tip and stick a big handful of zip ties in the grip, slide the grip over the bar and then pull the zip ties out.
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Renthal with 3m deck tape underneath to prevent slipping and add bar diameter. 4 years running, zero complaints. Use old lock on ring on the inside to prevent grips from sliding towards the brake levers.

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So stoked about Kona/Fearon hopefully they bring back the 26" process 167 just so we can get more slappin turn edits!,31537/sspomer,2 Palmer did sound like a huge fan of the ... more »

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Brutal, awesome to hear him laughing while it sounds like the bike is exploding into pieces. What section of the Rat run is Eddies bowl to bowl transfer? No special MSA bike for Peaty?

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not trying to argue, but there have been a few that deserve mention. Mickael Pascal, an old Dirt Mag article described him as one of the most consistent top 10 riders over a very long period of time always on Atom Lab flats with huge pins. Martin Maes raced flats his first Enduro season or so. Oh and Kovarik, largest WC DH margin of victory ever. And Fearon has been doing pretty well too. We forget that last year he was 2nd to Gwin on 26" wheels at Leogang. If if Gwin hadn't blown our minds without pedaling, which he did, the forums would have exploded about 26" and flat pedals. I wish Blinky and Bulldog would go back to flats too, they had more podiums when they did.

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Hating on Hill is like hating on Nico, you just don't do it. That aside, is there any way we can get Rude to race at least one WC DH race, like only worlds? I'm almost afraid to see what might happen if he jumps on a DH machine. Remember 2013, as a Jr. he raced as a elite because he would have crushed all the Jr.'s who are killing it this season. #1 Fort Bill - would have won, #6 Leogang - would have won, and won Jr. Worlds DH by like 5 or 6 seconds.

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Thanks sspomer & deathXsquad, his photos & results were awesome for this first EWS

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As another 6'3" rider would it be possible to get a KrunkShox Bike Check like we used to see from Graves? I found these super interesting, in fact any of the EWS or DH World Cup guys/gals willing to share would be awesome!,797 ... more »

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Just had my old VHS tape transferred to DVD! This video is what got me stoked on DH and mtn bikes in general. I so wanted that cannondale fulcrum. How is it that we haven't had a WC on the west coast ever since? Mammoth or Squaw would be awesome!,923/Slideshow,2590/sspomer,2,28581/970biking,307

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Oz, what spacing/staggering are you using (vertical/horizontal)? I'm trying a similar setup but handlebars are all running into each other.

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Aaron Gwin 3:28.33
Rachel Atherton 4:09.40

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Serious question here. Any chance 26 PLUS will happen? That way I can use my existing 26" wheels with bigger tires on a new 27.5 frame (since you can't buy new full suspension 26" frames) and be back in vogue?

....taking the language from their text and altering for 26

"So what is 26+ (27.5+)? Basically, it's a combination of a wider tire and a wider, 26" rim (27.5"). The result is a wheel with the external diameter close to a traditional 27.5" (29") wheel, but much wider"

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Gwin 3:01.0
Hannah 3:27.0

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On a certain level this thread is doing a disservice to those of us who don't want others to know about our backyard trails. I'll admit I've searched on Strava for new trails, but it didn’t work very well, and depended on how close or far you zoomed ... more »