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Best pedals I have ever used. I have a sad-box full of every other brands I purchased over the years.
These Speciale 8 pedals have replaced my original carbon composite body Time ATAC pedals of the '90s. Same function, with improved construction and now a platform for unclipped riding. My original pedals eventually wore out after three bearing rebuilds and 15 accumulated years of use, so a replacement was due.
The new pedals have tension adjustment screws and when set to a minimal preload match the feel of release pressure needed of my originals. At first glance, Crank Bros look like copies but have a spindle pivot location, unlike the Special 8 with the spring pivot being slightly forward of the cleat contact point. This provides a much more precise and crisp feel. The rear clear contact point is immovable with the release action being controlled by the cleat shape, not the pedal clasping jaws, as used by most brands. The results, eventually are similar, but the brass cleat works like a self-lubricated bushing, providing an exceptionally smooth, rapid, and progressive build in tension before the moment of release. Sand, mud, water, or muddy sand all have no effect on clipping in or out. Only ice build-up on my shoes' cleat slot has ever slowed me down and that was easily forced out with a firm stomp of my shoe on the pedal - probably better to use flats and warm boots on a snow ride anyway.
The adjustable grip-pin height should be set to match the stiffness of your shoe for unclipped peddling, and without interference with shoe rotation when clipped-in.

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Knolly Fugitive LT - the blue is a new raw


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Knolly Fugitive LT
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Knolly Fugitive LT 2019/Build 2020 Large