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If you check comments from that article, in between there is a comment from someone related to the brand who says there are total 4 people running banshee bikes, this would mean Atherton WC team is bigger than the whole Banshee bikes

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What I've gathered from different reviews, there is potential in this design (there is an active topic on mtbr forum plus some reviews floating around internet). Performance on small bumps and corners is apparently amazing as is efficiency (you dont need to even think about lockout), big hits supposedly suck (presumably damping related). Most interesting parts of reviews were opinions after going back to normal forks, many people said that while Message is far from perfect in current state, it clearly shows how bad (or maybe I should say unbalanced) classic telescopic forks are in certain aspects like breaking/cornering. Basically telescopic fork is not able to separate inputs from wheel or rider and simply reacts in the same way to any input while this design is very capable of doing so, I can completely agree with this statement and see exactly the potential. And I do not think so because DW designed it, never really liked him as a person, always found him pompous and the release of this fork really didn't change my mind. Apparently its is also very short so it drops modern already low BB's even further, that sounds like an issue regardless of performance. Hope they also make more models with different travels. And finally the price, this one pretty much costs as much as my bike, would be interesting if alloy version can be made...

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This sounds really cool and I don't remember anyone speculating about it

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Seagraves have been supposedly confirmed to stay on Transition for 2019...

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There is practically only one week left till registration deadline so buckle up, this is gonna be a wild ride of releases and confirmed rumors

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Video is titled: "Running in some new parts. So stoked on the set up for 2019.", can anyone figure out what new parts he is running? I'd say brakes are still TRP, fork looks like 36?

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Cheaper reynolds steel frames! (this is directed more at reynolds than frame manufacturers)

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Roit Lads! 50/01 clearly owns the patent on mucking about in the woods. You must cease and desist at once or face a dire penalty of one fat joint per turn schralped. Shhh... don't tell Josh, but I've done it too. I owe him about an ounce by now.

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Quoting team rumor article from PB: "Ben Walker, Scott Product Manager, tells us that they have indeed re-signed Fairclough to ride their soon-to-be-released new downhill bike."

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I'd say Athertons are worth more that they might be paid in terms of input they can provide with their experience to the research and development of new bikes. This is also not necessary how world works

Past year might not have been most succesful ... more »
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Pinkbike just posted whole story, its Rude and Graves who failed the test...

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Feels weird that people still fall for such things in 2018...

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Tbh real question is if she will be picked by unior/devinci or some other team :D

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Pretty much what dtimms33 said, if you have money and you think you need new bike then go ahead. Bikes are supposed to get better every year so you will certainly gain something... On the other hand, I ride banshee spitfire 2016 with 26" wheels and while ... more »

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Since you are mentioning Kade and Veronique you should also add Kaos Seagrave Or just follow their "project?!?" (or w/e this is) Gup

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In PBs article on team rumors Ben Walker (project manager with Scott bikes) said that Brendon is staying with Scott. It has been rumor for long time that they are going factory without Claudios Velosolutions.

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It will fit for sure, all fox shocks have same dimensions of eyelets. In principle you should only move mounting hardware from rc2 to dhx2. Only issue I can think of is that newer shocks use 5 piece mounting kits that look like this: [img][/img] ... more »