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I wholeheartedly agree. The whole broadcast is starting to feel like off the shelf "professional" sport broadcast package... no soul or passion in it. It's becoming cringeworthy at best. I just wait for the re-runs to cut out all the "bonus features ... more »

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One thing to mention is that till the moment of Richie and Jared testing positive EWS was on a rapid rise with Sam switching to race proper courses, Martin showing that he soon will be the best gravity rider , increasing "awareness" of how gnarly the enduro racing

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There are leaks/rumors that auto/moto industry is doing a heavy lobbing in EU to legalize things like this Harley under same regulations as current e-mtbs. When it's gonna blow up then, IMHO, most mass market brands like Spec etc. gonna be eaten alive

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Doping out in 2019?! I wish but, that's rather unlikely.

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