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I’ve had really really good luck with XO1 Eagle. I had a GX before and I broke it on a rock. The XO1 has been bombproof ever since. That was over a year ago. No issues with clutch either

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Jackson would have placed like 14th in Elite. That is insane

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Yeah I think the Grid Trail tires are helping out. I've never been a weight weenie but coming from a 38 lb Meta TR... It's noticable.

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SS tallboy

But why SS?

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They can if it’s funny

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Just found this on vali holl YT channel. Does Cecile have a new rig?

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Surely! "no bushings" i mean, I did not use offset bushings to lower the bottom bracket, i don't want to change to much the reach for now.

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Mullet Commencal Meta AM V4.2

No bushings on the rear shock?? Can you elaborate on that one?

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21' Banana Enduro

35 or 36lbs? More like 37-38lbs. My buddy has one with coil and cushcore and his is 37

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Thanks man! I've always had trouble with the Rockshox Re:Aktiv shock that came mounted from the factory, and the only thing that I miss from it, is the playfulness of an air shock. The ohlins doesn't bottom out too easily even though I reckon that an higher rate spring would make it better!

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short travel recluse

Why such a small cassette?

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Thanks. Yeah I gave the Convert/Union combo a try last build and really liked it so same again this time. Noticeably better grip up front and can drop a PSI or two as well... highly recommended as long as you're running a 2.4in or wider front tire. Can't say enough good things about We Are One, both their...more

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Trek Slash 29 9.8 (2020)

I have to say, the black with the white decals is so sick! I think you need an Ohlins fork now tho haha. How does the slash handle with the coil?? Does it bottom too easily??

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Idaho Megatower

The bike would look sick if you just changed crank decals and swap gold chain for oil slick then your good to go. But definitely take care of that ;-)

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