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I test e-bikes exclusively to land a spot on the kill list. cool

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Wow, I really just had to stop listening. I’ve never heard so much raw opinion, covered up with “just my personal opinion here”! Seriously, does nobody get that the “sport” of mountain biking is also just something people do for fun? It’s not dumbing things down, it’s building people up, letting people grow into the potential sport side of it.
I’ve run a bike park in Germany for five years now, and I’ve watched kids grow from only riding our easy flow trail, to the bigger green trail, to our enduro trail, to racing iXS Cups and doing pretty well.
And if it’s not about making money(to the last dude) then it will not be sustainable. If someone isn’t making money, they won’t invest time in it. They can’t, we all have to eat dude.
Build flow trail! Just for goodness sake, don’t only build flow trails. I’ve built four new trails in this park in five years. 2 machine built flowy ones and 2 hand build, natural trails. We went from 1800 visitors a year to 15000 a year in a tiny bike park, on a tiny hill, and most of them are achieving the most important goal of mountain biking: having fun.
Peace people, and please keep up the great work.

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Maybe he thought the term was fun? Maybe part of the tribe? Point made someone voices an opposite opinion and someone outright says they are wrong and privileged. Social PC wave in action.

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Liked a comment about press release Yeti Cycles Abandons Use of Tribe in Marketing 7/14/2020 9:32 PM

For those that don't want to go google the definition;

"a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common
culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader."

Seems a pretty appropriate use of the word "tribe" to me.

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Liked a comment about press release Yeti Cycles Abandons Use of Tribe in Marketing 7/14/2020 9:31 PM

Hello Yahmon,

I'm not "clearly" speaking to you. I'm replying to the myriad of comments such as yours. You can find them on facebook, Twitter, Instagram (actually, scratch that, Yeti disabled comments on the post) and PinkBike.

First I'll push back on the idea the word tribe is offending a group of people. I see no strong evidence this is the case. I can say this for a bunch of reasons, one of which I could go use it in conversation (again, applying the oxford webster definition) everyday for a year and this side of Barnard or Brooklyn nobody is going to cringe or call me out.

If what you are suggesting is the proverbial "cancel culture" bar for a word, in that if a very small minority of people within a group find it offensive, then that puts every other word that has roots in anything outside some bubble I can't even define on the chopping block. Do you not see how the goalpost will perpetually move with this? How there is no end? How control over speech will go on in perpetuity and likely 1/3 of the dictionary is no longer safe? I know a group within the trans community would like gender based pronouns to cease to be used. Should we all do that, too? It fits your criteria... (I can go on, and on, and on...)

Furthermore, not sure your point about how you use language differently in different situations. We all do this. I'm not going to say "fuck" during a baptism unless I have Tourettes. I'm also not going to talk to my parents the same way I talk to my buds. This is nothing new and hardly the point here.

As far as the BLM thing, you are totally missing my point, but thanks for all you've apparently done. My big point here is the BLM movement, like this name change, will accomplish nothing. I don't say that to be a dick, or to be negative, I say that as someone who actually loves to build, to make things better, and to change things for the positive.

Why can I say this? Why can I be so sure? Why did I say its "Occupy 2.0".

First, you suggest there is some clear goal in the BLM movement. There isn't. Go ask 10 people. You will get 10 different answers. The movement hasn't even clearly defined a problem (which I'd love to better define...because there are problems).This ties closely into the whole post modernist control over language we are experiencing that lead to this type of social pressure evoking corporate "change". This also ties closely to the Occupy movement in that there was no specific problem defined, an no change that ever came of it. Hence Occupy 2.0.

Second, as I just alluded to, there is no precise aim with this movement (just like the post modernist movement that is destroying language). I just went to the BLM page, nothing you've cited is part of their website. It seems you have found your own problems that you'd like to fix which is rad. Kudos. However, I'd wager we have much bigger problems in the form of inequality of wealth that are well beyond the boundaries of bike riding. In fact, its almost a slap in the face to suggest its a "they are scared to approach the sport" problem. Its a wealth problem. And that problem needs some smart solutions, solutions that BLM is nowhere close to. But I digress.

If Yeti made this change and just did so like most companies, quietly on their website or the next time their tribe gathering came around, I'd maybe roll my eyes and talk among my buddies about how weak of a move it was and move on. I'd also acknowledge how they were probably playing risk management, and how its just business bla bla bla. But they didn't. They virtue signaled the SHIT out of this one. All their athletes posted it. They put out a press release. They made this into a "look how good we are" moment. That's a lot of why I decided to come out of the shadows and write what I wrote. Its the aim yeti had amid all this.

But guess what? It changes NOTHING. Native American people are in the EXACT same situation they were before the name change. Conscious or not, it makes Yeti and their culture look squeaky clean, without doing anything at all. Its a marketing game. Its politics. And its lame I have to type this fucking much about this on a mountain bike website because this is the place I want this stuff to stay out of. I deal with it too much elsewhere.

Shall I continue? I can...

ps, I don't mention the minds I mentioned as a "GOTCHA", I mention them because they are smart people with brains that work in very cool ways. I don't fully agree with any of them. In fact they all have very different ideologies. This is important! But I can be in awe of their logic, and I can learn something. You'd be better off to stop always looking to have your point reinforced and instead go "ah, I see how he/she thinks, that is interesting, now where have I been wrong and how can I build my ideas better"?

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Liked a comment about press release Yeti Cycles Abandons Use of Tribe in Marketing 7/14/2020 9:25 PM

Wow. Yes, this will get downvoted but I find freedom to use this language more important than popularity. Counter culture is no longer "counter". Its the culture now.

People with values like mine, ones that point to pragmatism, and trying to note how impossible (and dangerous) a task like this (making sure nothing is offensive to anyone ever) no matter the expense, are becoming, oddly, the counter culture.

Tribe is not an offensive word. Or rather, if it is, we'd better dig up the root of every single word we currently use and put it before the post modernist committee to decide which is on the chopping block and which are okay (and, may I add, who can use each word too). It'll be endless. Welcome to a sort of French Revolution where your ideas, your words, your thoughts can be cancelled based on what the mob wants.

The irony to the comments below is they too are bullying. GET IN LINE, YOUR SPEECH IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN THIS ONE PERSON'S INTERPRETATION.

Where does it stop?

Between this and mountain bikers getting in on the BLM "movement" I've had about enough. Oh, and on that note, how many of the mountain bikers who stood up for BLM did anything thereafter? How big of a change have we felt? Nothing wrong for standing up for justice, for standing up for a man's life, but what exactly was your aim mountain bike activists? What problem have you identified and what are you doing to change it. I sincerely doubt your insta posts and now a company's attempt to remain squeaky clean with respect to the English language will materially change ANYTHING. Your willingness to confess your sins, or vow to do better (though frankly I never saw how you were doing something wrong), to the God of Wokeness, like this PR, makes me cringe.

Welcome to "Occupy 2.0", the goal? There is no goal. There is no leadership. There is no ends to this. Its a lot easier to tear down than it is to build up. This lesson is lost in current culture.

I beg everyone here that cares about this to take a listen to anyone like Eric Weinstein, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson...anyone who will actually apply the intellectual scapel to this culture in a meaningful way.

It'll become clear, very quickly, how many people slept through history class.

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Liked a comment about press release Yeti Cycles Abandons Use of Tribe in Marketing 7/14/2020 9:22 PM

I see your point, but 'Tribe' has been in used in Europe for centuries as well as other parts of the world. From all I see it originated in Rome /Mediterranean area. This particular word isn't anyone's to 'own'. Yeti is a private company and is free to change as they see fit, but this isn't appropriation anymore than a restaurant selling Italian dishes , Hispanic dishes, Thai ,etc outside the 'home' country.

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Liked a comment about press release Yeti Cycles Abandons Use of Tribe in Marketing 7/14/2020 9:20 PM

I have to apologize for not reading your comment before replying below. And I have to admit you just made some seriously valid points right here.

I stand corrected. Thanks for bringing such a concise and consistent explanation. You have given me a lot to think about, but at first you put the spotlight where it should be: I was being naive and jumped on a bandwagon of political correctness.

Thanks again. I won't delete/edit my other comments simply because I think they might help someone else who could fall into the same onanistic thinking I was before reading that last comment of yours. And also because negating my mistake won't do anything to correct it.

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Forgive me if I am misreading you here, but do you think that is a step in the process we somehow missed? At the risk of being redundant, the clip in the video is for demonstration purposes, not a literal display of what we did once over the course of a four-month test.

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