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This is the video from my 2013 season, it s been a very sad year, I had a few injuries and problems that made me stay away from my bike. The clips are from summer and fall 2013, riding with my friends and having a good time. Mostly filmed in Mastra Trails and La Poma close to Barcelona, Spain. There are few tricks, not all, but I hope you like it and motivates you to ride. I wish upload another video on a few, doing big tricks in bigger jumps. Do it easy and steezy! If you want, follow me on instagram @joanrueda26 bike stuff as well. Song: Doom and gloom - The Rolling Stones. Thanks to:

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Hey Bturman, this is my last edit, i'm from spain, coul be amazing if you help me sharing this video hope you like it!

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Riding my bruce 8 in different spots Thanks to: - RoseBikes ( ) - GravityXtremo ( )

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