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Okay so what I'm understanding is that there is no shoe that is soft enough for flats while still being stiff enough for clips? Anyway, I decided to buy a pair of hellcats (I found a reasonable price online). I will just use a pair of vans for when I ... more »

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When downhill biking I find that my feet keep slipping off the pedal making me bang my shins on the pins or run off the trail altogether. I was reading great things about Five ten impacts but I want to try out clipless pedals too. Point is I don't have ... more »

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I am new to this site so I apologize in advance if I am posting this on the wrong thread. But anyway I am currently talking to a guy selling a 2011 Mongoose pinn'r apprentice with DHX RC2 and fox 40 shocks, the bike is in good condition and he is asking ... more »

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