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After owning it for a few years now....it rides incredible. I haven’t raced it yet, but am considering it. Not super light but it is rather nimble anyway, and it absolutely crushes technical stuff. BOS suspension front and rear is out of this world. Pricey, but great feel and very adjustable. Just a great bike all...more

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If they had a brewery as a title sponsor, I'd be behind this move.

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I was out riding and ran into a Dad on his E'-bike and he had a strap and was towing his son (on a 24" F/S bike) up the hills..I thought it was pretty sweet.

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Looking for a set. Black, purple, or silver would work. Thanks!

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After looking into it some, I read that if you've held a UCI Elite license that year, you must wait til the next calendar year if you're going to race masters. And if Peaty decides to race, he'll be in my age bracket I think. Can I get a few min handicap ... more »

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Masters -> MSA Worlds -> Snowshoe will make for a helluva good time in the northeast to ride bikes!

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Has anyone raced a UCI Masters race before? I found the Velirium home, with registration opening sometime this spring. I'm really interested in giving it a go and then returning a week later to watch the World Champs. I'm not sure if we'd need USA Cycling ... more »

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Martin Maes FTW

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Is there a full replay available somewhere?

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Watching this makes me so glad I'm no longer in the 16-20 year old demographic...love the fight though!

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Geez, I'm not so sure me and my 10 years of riding and $6k bike could handle that course!! Some of them were sending it on terrible bikes. Props for sure!